5 Reasons Many Women Will Not Will Not Make Heaven

If you are a woman read this and
send it to other women like your self. The reason why many women will not make
it to heaven is as follows;

5 Reasons Many Women Will Not Will Not Make Heaven

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1. Pride: Many women will end up in
hell because of their pride towards their husband. Because your husband never
have much you now begin to talk to him any how, you even keep malice with your
husband because he has not gotten job yet, if you continue in this you are
going to hell fire.

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2.Sexual Immorality: You are not
married yet you have sex with men. You are married but you still have sex with
other men. You have sugar daddy just for promotion, Boyfriend, you sleep with
men for money and call it “Runs”, You masturbates, etc. Repent and
forsake those sins before you die.

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3. Worldly Dressing : Any woman that
want to make heaven must forsake worldly dressing. You call your self a woman
of honour and whenever you dress ten men already toast you within a hour and
you thought you are angel, what a miserable life you are living, you showcase
your breast when you are going out, even going to church, don’t you know you are
in a great slave garden of the devil spiritually and your soul is in great pain
and anguish, repent from your evil dressing, earrings, hair attachment,
bangles, painting of nails, trousers, bumper shorts, mini skirts, fixing eye
lashes, fixing fingernails, transparent clothes, tight clothes, skirts with
opening up to your laps, are property of hell fire, painting your face and lips
you now look like blood sucking demon, your skirt is now short like a demon on
a mission to seduce, you are on your way to hell unless you repent.
4. Jealousy : Although you are already
married, yet you admire another woman’s husband, you wish if he had been the
one that marry you, just because of his gift, honour, fame, money,and beauty,
and this cause you to hate your husband in your heart although you show false
love in the face, repent because Hell awaits you.

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5. Anger : This is a common problem
with 99% Of
women in the world, angry with your husband and look down on him as if he is
nothing,you talk to him any how, repent from this or else you too would found
your self in hell. Beating your children like an enemy whenever you have a
misunderstanding with your husband will also led many women to hell.
Wickedness : To maltreat others
people children as if they are not a human being. This has cause many women to
end up in hell.
Heaven is too Holy to accommodate a
girl or woman who is married to the world!
Repent from those things or you will perish!!!

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