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Pastor Kumuyi’s quotes on the message: The paradox of becoming stronger through suffering.

Below are some of the powerful quotes of the founder and General Superintendent of the Deeper Life Christian Ministry, Pastor W.F. Kumuyi on the message titled: “The paradox of becoming stronger through suffering” on Sunday 28th July, 2019.

1. Suffering will surely come for Christian Believers but let it not be for doing evil.

2. Persecution makes Christian stronger and make Pilgrims purer.

3. When we suffer, our conscience will either accuse us or excuse us. Our mind will always checkmate all our activities.

4. If God puts His laws in your mind, He always supervise it to make sure your conscience remind you everything you do.

5. When your conscience is pure and clean from any form of evil, you will have boldness and confidence to pray.

6. As nobody can eat for you, nobody can exercise for you so also, Nobody can do restitution for you. You must always exercise yourself in good conscience.

7. When you do secretly and forget that God’s eyes are everywhere, then you are getting yourself into damnation.

8. If your conscience can’t tell you that you’re a secret sinner when you commit sin, then, your conscience is seared with a hot iron.

9. When leadership is afraid and cannot correct things in the Church, the Church is gone.

10. Don’t crumble and said YES when you ought to say NO.

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