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How pornography nearly killed me and how I overcame it – (Life Experience)

How pornography nearly ruin my life and how I overcame it (Life Experience)
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A social media user and an cinematographer has taken to social media to share how engaging in pornography can destroy ones life if not stopped.

In his Twitter page with the handle, @MrAkinbosola, Akinbosola shared an experience, though, he put a disclaimer stating that he was implored by someone to post the experience.

See what he posted below:

This is Thread about my porn


* How it started

* why i quit

* how i quit

* the effects of the addiction

DISCLAIMER; I was implored by someone to do this & yo i think this is the hardest thing i ever done in my life & i hope someone learns from my story☻

I started watching porn when i was 17. Fascinated by this world of mad sexual expression and fantasy, I couldn’t get enough of it and bam! i was addicted. I thought i could manage my addiction & quit anytime i want but it was a lie! I could not tell anyone because i was in denial.

I didn’t realize how much watching porn manipulated my mind, warping my sexuality, numbing my feelings, and impacting my relationships with women until i was about 20 years old. I knew i had a problem but fixing it was impossible and porn took over my life.

One of the effect porn had on me was not respecting women.This includes an obsession with looking at women rather than interacting with them (voyeurism), an attitude in which women are viewed as objects of men’s sexual desire. I saw women as sex objects.

The trivialization of rape and widespread acceptance of rape culture – fueled by fake depictions of women in porn videos often pretending to desire violent and abusive sexual acts messed with me. I thank God i got out because this would have deatroyed my life.

Another effect was Numbness & Disembodiment.i was always horny, inability to cum during sex, detachment from my physical body, emotional unavailability and numbness, i lacked focus and patience, poor memory, and general lack of interest in reality. gosh i was a mess

The last effect porn had on me was fear of intimacy. I wanted an intimate r/ship so bad but porn instead taught me that all i needed was have sex and keep it moving. Porn glofied a man’s desires over any for of intimacy. I was trapped, i was unhappy but i could not help myself.

Quitting porn is actually one of the greatest achievements of my life. I got to a point that porn had taken over my life and it controlled me. When i was 22, the addiction had gotten so bad that if i don’t watch porn in a day i fall sick. It was a shame

One day while watching porn, i was disgusted at the whole thing and i made up my mind that i was gonna quit. I packed all my DVD’s in bad and burnt them, i deleted all the files on my computer and threw some hard drives away. Why this happened is not by my will.. its GOD

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