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WORLD SICKLE CELL DAY: RAHI advocates for sustained health awareness

World Sickle Cell Day is a United Nation’s recognised day celebrated every June 19 to raise awareness on the condition at both national and international levels.

Nigeria joined the rest of the world yesterday in marking the day with several public walks and seminars organised to create awareness about the cause and prevention of sickle cell.

RAHI Medical Outreach through it’s health seminars have been a major player in the advocacy for sustained health information to intending couples, parents, youths and the general public in the quest for a reduction of sickle cell condition among citizens. A sure way towards achieving this is for intending couples to check their genotypes and seek counselling from medical practitioners before going ahead with their marital plan.

However, with the availability of modern technology, carriers of sickle cell anaemia can be able to avoid giving birth to children with the condition through technologies available to determine the genetic composition of a baby before the embryo is implanted. They can determination their baby’s genotype before conception to ensure they don’t have a sickle cell baby.

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Sadly, the excruciating pain passed through by sufferers during crises period, gives concerns for couples and intending parents to harken to the voice of reasoning, no matter the extent of the affection in the relationship, in order to avoid having babies that will become a problem for the community, the parents and the child.

Let’s discourage AS/AS and AS/AC marriage.

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