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Nigerian singer, Afy Douglas escaped death after a stray bullet landed in his bedroom

Nigerian singer Afy Douglas has taken to social media to share how a stray bullet bored a hole in the ceiling and landed in his bedroom.

See the story the award winning artiste shared on his Instagram page:

So…I was in my son’s room lounging, my wife in our daughter’s room when we heard this sound like something heavy just fell. I jumped up and checked until I opened the door of our bedroom. First I noticed white particles on the red rug, then my eyes went to the stuff on the bed. At first I thought the insecticide I just sprayed had killed a roach. As I got close fear gripped me! This is a BULLET! Never handled a gun but sure know what a bullet looks like…then I looked up again and saw the hole in the ceiling where the particles on the rug came from. So, a stray bullet from wherever just visited us. I have seen others share this same story before and I thank God it hurt no one BUT it raises many questions. When they shoot in the air to either disperse people or “salute” whoever (or any other reason), does the bullet melt in the air? The Savior still saves. Thank God with us.

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