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STORY: Social Media user shares how deadly armed robbers stormed their apartment

A social media user with a Twitter handle @Aunty_tunde took to the social platform to share how she nearly got killed along with her sisters by deadly armed robbers who stormed their apartment.

See what she shared online:

Got robbed for the second time in less than a month..shaken but I’m quite proud of how we handled it. I and my 4 sisters are home alone with no parental guidance and these guys came in troops about 30 of them..they beat up the security guards..two of them have been hospitalized

Woke up because I could hear whispers from my window and went to my sister’s room apparently she heard it thing we saw flashlights..then boom!!! They broke the room window, pulled out the burglary..I and my sister ran out of the room, went into the other room where my

Other sisters were already woken by the noise..the adrenaline kicked in from nowhere and adanne became a lioness .. we locked the door, moved the wardrobe to bar it, flipped the bed in one minute and used it to bar the window while I used my weight to hold it down. Adanne gave me

One instruction; no matter what, hold the fort..we’re not going down without a fuckin fight!!..said a short prayer and started calling anyone that could come and help us; my mum responded quickly. The @PoliceNg and their uselessness.. I don’t even know why they have a hotline

Because it was switched off..when the thieves entered the house, they were shouting ‘where those girls dey’? ‘We go kill them today’ meaning they obviously knew who we were. They tried to enter the room by all possible means..

Now the interesting thing is that they didn’t steal anything (they had already take the most valuables during their last raid) but the money in our wallets wasn’t touched..they came to rape and kill..they sounded very angry; so no abeg or please can help us

I’m just imagining what would have happened to us if they had entered the room !!..if they got to us!!..they would have taken turns to rape us and kill us..we’ll probably end up on @instablog ..

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