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Nigerian artiste arrested by SARS for “carrying laptop” share what transpired [Screenshot]

Port Harcourt based Nigerian artiste, Benjiszzy Záakìi Omale who was arrested by Special Anti-Robbery Squad [SARS] in Port Harcourt for “carrying laptop has shares what transpired between him and the security agency.

In the series of post made on his Facebook page he narrated how the SARS personnel boldly told him that his only offense was that ‘he was carrying a laptop.’

He appealed to his fans and said; “Just in case you saw me behind a police van yesterday, I did nothing. According to them, “You are carrying laptop”. That was my offense.”

They threatened that gays will rape me in the cell and I’ll be tortured if I don’t pay a sum of 50,000.

Oya, officer, if the receipt is the issue, please Let me call someone to bring it from home. They said only way I can go home is if I’ve paid 50k

We waited for alert from my bank till 10:58PM, they said if they don’t get the money they would never let me go

Since the alert didn’t come, my friends had to come with cash of 30k & then I transferred 16k to the officer before they let me go by past 11PM

Then again, my offense is “Carrying laptop”. Laptop that I’ve been moving around with since 2009.

They made sure I deleted the alert from the money I sent them so I won’t have any evidence in case I would want to implicate them.

Even if you say I stole my laptop, why not confiscate it till I provide a proof of ownership, rather than arrest me & request 50K as bail?

I was embarrassed, accused wrongly, exploited, and denied my rights for no just cause.

Only with my ears have I heard about the brutality, unruly behavior & unprofessionalism of the SARS. I just had my own encounter.

Clearly doubts on why he made the post about his ordeal in the hand of SARS personnel, the singer and music producer said:

“The posts from me some minutes ago were not in any way to agitate any “#EndSARS” movement again, NO. Neither was it intended to talk about the mode of operation of the SARS which I believe everyone in this country and even the “government” is well aware of.

The posts were just to vindicate myself, protect my image and also for it to serve as a disclaimer to anyone who saw Benjiszzy Záakìi Omale in a police van, paraded around as a common criminal.

I’m not a criminal and would never participate in any criminal activity. I go around my legitimate business of Brand Development and Music Production as a well meaning citizen of Nigeria.”

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