#HOTRService : Pastor Paul Adefarasin’s message on ‘It’s All Tied Up For You’



Abraham had a conversational relationship with God. In meditation, he spoke those words he heard over and again in his heart. He hoped against all odds and believed what was spoken to him will come to pass.

Abraham had four great crisis in his life:

1. Having to leave everything he knew and his father’s house.

2. Having to send Lot his nephew away. Lot means veil and as long as Lot was with him, He could not see clearly.

3. Having to send Ishmael away. Ishmael was his flesh child. God told him to send Ishmael away. God would bless Ishmael but he won’t be a recipient of ‘the blessing’.

4. Having to sacrifice what he loved; Isaac. Isaac was the child he loved.

Abraham’s mistake; Ishmael lived around the space of Abraham’s promise. When you make a mistake, it will often live around to contend with the promise. But God is able and faithful to deliver the promise to you.

God doesn’t mind you loving what He has given you as long as you don’t worship them. Worship means to adore with divine onus. As long as Abraham’s love for Isaac did not become worship, it was fine with God.

When God makes a request from you, He is not interested in taking your intellect first, He is interested in your heart.

When God asks you to give up something, it’s always something that is close to your heart.

When God deals with you, He does in an ambidextrous manner. His right hand which we are more familiar with is as powerful and mighty as His left hand.

Joseph experienced this ambidextrous attribute of God when he was put in jail. God did this to orchestrate a meeting between Joseph and the person who He would use to elevate him eventually.

Joseph never liked the prison but he didn’t get bitter. No matter what you go through as a believer, God is still in control of your circumstances. Your faith is not in what you’re going through but in who is taking you through that circumstance.

Don’t allow your circumstances to make you bitter. Bitterness will stifle your gift. It will choke your joy, without which your gift cannot operate effectively.

Faith comes when you keep communicating with God. If you only look at all the chaos and evil in the world, you’re going to get gloom. Faith however helps you recognize that in the midst of the storms, God knows how to stabilize you.

The right hand of God redeems you while His left hand is the purpose of redemption. God’s right hand is working for you right now and His left hand is working somewhere that you don’t even know where it is.

When you see God doing things on one side of your life, it also proves that He’s doing stuff in another that you can’t see. After a little while, you will see what He has been working on with His left hand.

It’s not easy to separate, but you can’t get into the things God has for you unless you separate. You need to separate from some people because if they go with you, you’ll miss your promise and provision.

Watch which mountain and ladder you climb, because if you climb the wrong ladder and there’s no ram there, you won’t have a choice but to kill your Isaac.

Abraham believed that God will raise Isaac from the dead if he had sacrificed him. Isaac never complained about he being killed for the sacrifice. When a father and son can believe God together, great things are bound to happen.

For a sacrifice to be effective, it has to be identical to the one for whom the sacrifice was being made.

While you are busy pursuing something on one side, God’s left hand is working for you on the other side. God has something tied up for you, the more that thing struggles to free itself, the more entangled it gets. It’s all tied up for you.

On the right ladder that God has appointed to you, you will see your own divine provision. You are about to start living the dream God gave you. You are going to see it!

For you to live your dream, you will have to walk by faith. God doesn’t give details because He wants you to trust him through the process. He wants you to have faith because without faith it is impossible to please Him.

Time has the capacity to make you think the promise won’t happen. Don’t let time erode your faith. Use that time to build your faith by hearing and hearing, by Word of the Lord.

Eye has not seen, ear has not heard what God is doing in your life. For those who believe, get ready for what is about to happen in your life.

God is promising you blessing upon blessing and expansion. He will multiply you and cause you to possess the gates of your enemy. God will bring into the presence of great persons who will change your life. Get ready for you are going to see it!

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