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Filmmaker call out former Rivers state chapter of PMAN, Lexy Mueka over refusal to pay for service [Screenshot]

“He blocked me on whattsApp till now nothing from him so I sent him a message telling him I’d make a post on Facebook about this”

Rivers State base filmmaker, Ben Songz has taken to social media to call out the Former chairman of Performing Musicians Employers Association of Nigeria, (PMAN) Rivers state chapter, Lexy Mueka (a.k.a Lexy M) over his refusal to pay for the service rendered to him.


Read what he posted on Facebook:

Good morning my name is Ben aka Ben songz I’m a filmmaker/artist based in pH, the pictures you see here is me on a set and the artist here is the former P man chairman of PH Mr Lexy M, here the story begins, since last year Mr Lexy M has been on my case telling me we have to work together and as usual he won’t turn up at the end of the day,every time he sees me he’ll always tell me he wants us to work together so,last month I was coming back from a shoot and I so I’m close to my street and he flagged me down which I stopped and we spoke he said he had this project he wanted to work on, I said OK no problem we could do that, so we have a couple of meetings about the viral video,he told me he had a guy that has a camera and I told him OK I don’t know the camera you have but I have a guy that has a camera 4K G7 he said he had a black magic that shoots 2k so I told him I’d like to work with the cameras I am used too, hey said OK that I should get to the price of the camera and get back to him, which I did.
I asked Mr. Lexy M how much was his budget for equipment you told me you had 30,000 So I said OK that we could work something out And later he sent a picture of the camera his friend had, it turned out to be the same Lumix G7, I told him OK it was same camera, he said we are going to shoot with 3 cameras 2 G7 and one black magic,So we had an agreement.

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So from the 30,000 naira he gave me, I got three spotlights 1G7 Camera, and a Gimbal, I told him I was going to Gets an 18 to 105 MM lens which I couldn’t get cos it wasn’t available at that point in time, and he complained then I got an 18 mm lens this was on the first of March 2019 it was on a Friday we did the shoot, I didn’t tell him how much I charge for shooting a video, I told him appreciate me at the end of the day since he said he didn’t have much for the video, The location was in town, that day I told him we should start the shoot by 10:am he said no we should start by 2:pm I said okay, the light person said she’ll be available by 3:pm that I’d like to wait and get the light he said okay, I kept him posted in everything, even in traffic, so I got there and we started, We shot till 2 AM in the morning and it was very late and we all know town isn’t a safe place, I really needed to get myself and my team and equipment out of there. I Couldn’t get his footages to him on Saturday because the guy got the camera from needed that camera on Saturday for shoot, mr. Lexy M called demanding For his footage is on Saturday I told him I could not get it to him. Camera was out for a job, And then he sent me a message talking about being professional that’s illegal is people don’t behave like that though when you’re done with the shoot should How unprofessional I am that I didn’t come on time I didn’t bring the less I said I was going to bring so I told him I was with this footage on Sundays, he should come pick it up, he said he won’t come on Sunday he will on Monday which he did when he came we talked a whole lot he was saying I was Unprofessional we had some more scenes to shoot That I didn’t come on time so I said OK no problem should fix another date to complete the scenes he said all you had to say and I listened, Then I told him OK the boys I worked with at least I should have something for them as Just to appreciate them then he said he will get back to me but since then when I call him he’ll tell me he’s busy he’ll get back to me, Tuesday no word from him, on Wednesday I sent him a message on WhatsApp he told me he was on his way to Lagos, Ask him what about the team and I have said nothing about it that’s where all the pictures on what’s app comes in then the block of course, he blocked me on what’s app till now nothing from him so I sent him a message telling him I’d make a post on Facebook about this, I went ahead to talk to his friend one of the big names in PH who came for the shoot too, he said I should give him 10 minutes to talk to Mr Lexy m he did and got back to me, Then he said that Mr. Lexy M said I sent him some messages that’s very very insulting that I should apologize if I did I didn’t send an apology message because I knew I said my mind which is the right thing that Lexy M said he was going to be back to PH Last week that he will call me and I should come with my boys so we set and talk then he’ll pay them, I dunno when my workers started working for him, i saw him on Sunday but till today i’ve not heard a word from Lexy M, I called him this morning and he said that I reported him to his friend that I should call his friend and not him, lol I guess he Thought it was a bluff when I told him I’d make this post. As it is now I don’t care about the money I don’t care about the video only care about the pH entertainment.
This is why we are where we are, if you are my friend and you don’t want me to grow then you shouldn’t come close to me, it’s business not friendship, it’s time we start treating business as business if you don’t have money come out straight, don’t come and tell me how professional you are. I’m done doing favors. I rest my case

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