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“Port Harcourt needs to get sensible and grow above certain things.” Nigerian actor, Ibim Isaacs says after he was insulted by a comedian

Rivers State born Nigerian actor, Ibim Isaacs has taken to the social media to react after he was slighted by a Comedian in Port Harcourt on Sunday at Grace Event Center, Port Harcourt.

Read what he posted on Facebook

Quote Me :- I think Portharcourt needs to get sensible and grow above certain things, basically certain childish attitude. I out of my Very busy schedule attended KObaba Jornsen event on Sunday not because of anything more than the fact that he deserves the respect, he has worked for it and something heart breaking happened to me and it only confirmed certain talks flying around town. Let me say this, that some people think that being a celebrity begins and ends in portharcourt but it’s not, it’s way beyond that. I will really want to say this and as I always say quote me, we know celebrities when we see them, the fact you buy likes and maybe some girls in your church like your stuff on social network and maybe you are are on bill boards that you printed, doesn’t make you more human than others or even more successful. Get a life and stop the stupidity. I was really slighted by one of the comedians yesterday and I really got very pissed. You guys are creating a divide and as far as I am concerned una never reach, the click you guys are trying to create is the same reason why portharcourt is still crawling, majority of these children need to be told that there are still upcoming comedians and therefore don’t deserve the level of respect they are demanding.Humility pays. I am Ibim Isaacs, The Legendary Man.
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