#HOTRService: 25 Quotes of Pastor Paul Adefarasin’s message titled: ‘The Miracle In A Manger’.

Below is the excerpts of the preaching of the founder and senior pastor of the House On The Rock Church, Lekki Cathedral, Lagos, Pastor Paul Adefarasin on the message titled; ‘The Miracle In A Manger’.

  1. God has no beginning and no end and when He choose to arrive on earth, He choose a humble medium; a manger.
  2. A manger is a stinky place where dirty livestock feed and this is where the Master chose to be born. There was in fact no room for Him in other prestigious places.
  3. When God did this, He used it as a symbol that He could be born in you, despite all your frailties.
  4. As flawed, broken and frail as we are as human beings, God has never been afraid to live in us.
  5. When Christ came, He didn’t use mighty weapons, instead He applied Divine strategy, because strategy is much better than militancy.
  6. The enemy’s mission is to destroy you and because of your vulnerability, God hides you in what looks destroyed and of no use.
  7. Have you considered that your challenges may be by divine design, so the devil can walk past you and overlook you. Nobody steals from those perceived as having nothing significant but those with substance and value.
  8. The pain you feel does not negate the fact that you are blessed and highly favoured to prosper. That challenge in your life is a divine strategy.
  9. God doesn’t want the enemy to have access to you so He shields you in defeat and in trash. Because, God hides life in death, victory in defeat and power in pain.
  10. The wise men came from very far because they understood the significance of the child that was born and that He was God incarnate.
  11. Be careful, not everyone who is with you is for you, even if they don’t know it. Sometimes they’ll think they are for you until your greatness emerges. Your success will provoke the envy of ambitious people.
  12. Favour is access and opportunity. People loose their favour when they loose their trustworthiness.

13. God doesn’t give big breakthroughs. God gives big opportunities that you break through. Get your mind ready because hidden in the difficulty, is your opportunity.

14. Favour is access to supernatural help from God to protect you, to promote you because of what you are carrying. God has never favoured you because of what you do, but because of two things; His Nature and His purpose inside of you.

15. You are favoured so that the curse cannot hurt you and so that the blessings can abound to you. You are blessed beyond the curse. The blessing protects you and produces profound, visible results in your life.

16. The only person that can hinder your breaking forth is God and when He does so, it’s strategic. God breaks you, not to hurt you, but to bring forth for you what he has hidden in the manger (you).

17. You have to know that the raging of the storm means nothing when God is around, and He is not just around but in you. What God is showing you is that, He is not afraid of working through flawed human protoplasm.

18. When you are careful about representing God’s divine meticulous excellence, He will favour you and bring you into opportunities.

19. Troubles are different but they produce the same brokenness. You are mighty irrespective of the pain you’re in.

20. When you seek Him, you will find Him as the one who delivers you to your destiny. When you seek God, you will find Him to be your way-maker, miracle worker and heavy load bearer.

21. Be wise enough to bring your gifts with you when you seek God. What are your gifts? Your abilities, your honour and your substance.

22. Your abilities develop in obscurity where God gives you opportunities to falter there. Keep your abilities working for God’s purposes. Use it to teach others and strengthen God’s house.

23. Your honour is when God lifts you in the eyes of others and you use this for God’s purposes. This is a proclamation that the one you serve is greater than you. This is humility in service.

24. Gifting the substance of your life to God is relative hence, Jesus acknowledged the widow who gave her everything as one who gave the most in a crowd. There’s a difference between giving and sacrifice.

25. The wise men were a convoy of powerful men and kings that went to finance the works of the God incarnate born to deliver the world.

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