Excerpts of Pastor Paul Adefarsin message titled: ‘Be Patient With Me, I Am Wrestling To Know My True Identity’

Below are the excerpts of Pastor Paul Adefarsin message titled: ‘Be Patient With Me, I Am Wrestling To Know My True Identity’ on Sunday 2nd November, 2018.

Excerpts of Pastor Paul Adefarsin message titled: 'Be Patient With Me, I Am Wrestling To Know My True Identity'

Esau and Jacob came out from the same womb. Though they were twins, they were not identical because Jacob was domesticated and given to cunningness while Esau was a man given to wild life.

Why is Jacob into all these deception? Jacob was given to deception because he was chasing the blessing right from his mother’s womb that his mother had so much pain because He was wrestling for the birth right even from the womb.

When Esau and Jacob were in their mother’s womb, there was a prophesy that she was carrying two nations and that the elder will serve the younger.

Understand that you also carry nations on your inside. You are carrying ‘nationalities’ and generations.

In these remaining weeks of the year, you are going to get a download from God that will be a blessing to those around you; nations and generations.

There are two journeys that Jacob took. The first was a season of chasing the blessing by deception. The second journey was where he had an encounter with God which caused a turn around in his life and made him a blessing.

You would also have two journeys in the course of your life. The first journey is when you chase the blessing for fulfillment and accomplishment. The second journey however has nothing to do with chasing the blessing, it is about becoming the blessing.

When God wants to change your life, He downloads His purpose into your spirit. It is from this download an outflowing of your purpose and the reason for your existence comes.

God is about to download grace on a level you’ve never experienced. He is about to download a plan for the prosperity of your posterity.

Jacob comes to a place where he realises there’s more to life than acquisition. There’s more to life than just luxuriating in the oppulence of your hard work and efforts.

Focus on God’s purpose for blessing you. The most important part of life is not the arrival, but the journey.

At the point when you realize that your life has to count for more, you start living your life on purpose.

Living your life on purpose gives you genuine satisfaction.

The first journey concerns itself with the outward, the container while the second journey deals more with the content than the container. Anything on the outside is a reflection of the inside. The inside actually produces the outside.

It’s what’s inside of you, that produces what comes out of you. One of the greatest things you will need to have is a combination of knowledge and wisdom.

What is inside of you produces what comes out of you. When you have a great outside with an empty inside, it’s called the hollow.

Wrestling is an interesting combating activity. Jacob didn’t pick the fight. The Angel started it. Perhaps most of the fight you have is because God is after something you have.

Half of the battles you fight, half of the tests you go through are God inspired because God is hungry to bring out what He put inside you.

Jacob was at a disadvantage because he couldn’t see who he was wrestling with. God wants to change your sense of dependence. God shows Jacob that without Him, he is nothing.

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Jacob was so skilled at wrestling that God couldn’t change him using the rules of wrestling. For as long as they wrestled, Jacob prevailed. God is wrestling with you because of some habits, you won’t let go.

God uses things like bills, more expenditure than income, errant spouses, unruly house helps, envious people, a bad economy, a dead end job or relationship to wrestle you.

Jacob arrived at the wrestling ground with a lot of pedigree as a wrestler but didn’t know it was God he wrestled with. God does not allow any wrestling match to come to your life that He has not made a way for you to have victory.

Because the day is about to break, God says; ‘I can’t leave you the way you are’. There is a defining day in a man or woman’s life. Catch the moment and emerge into all that God has called you to be.

God will get you ready for that day because He is the Author and Finisher of your faith.

Jacob had prosperity and power but no purpose. When he was asked his name, he was asked how people saw him. You don’t have to accept a bad reputation. Don’t let people define you by calling you according to your history, but according to your possibilities.

When God marked the Israelites with the blood, two things happened, the angel of death passed over and the trouble their neighbours had did not come near them. That blood is your opportunity test to prove that you’re a child of God.

Jesus took it all; the anger and vengeance of those who meant you harm. Though they conspire against you, you will not fail because you are marked by the Blood of Jesus.

God is going to fill your empty places. The days of hollow places are over for you. They all know you are limping but you know that the limping is good.

God won’t allow the capacities and competencies He put in you to be used by the enemy, He will wrestle you until you are transformed.

Pain is that thing that tells you there is a problem somewhere. This happens so that you can work with God to preserve your possibilities and your purpose. You will know the day has broken, not because the limp has ceased, but because the pain is no longer there.

It takes time and process to settle down into your new identity. This is why we still see Jacob being referred to as Jacob and Israel alternatively until he was referred to as Isreal permanently.

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You won’t remember who you are unless you’ve had a wrestling match. The scar from your wrestling match is a memorial that you are no longer who you used to be.

It is dangerous to attack you because of the blood with which you are marked. The rod of wanderers will never rest on you.

Every assailant that purposes to come against your life or productivity, shall become like vagabonds. You are blessed and never cursed and there is absolutely nothing anybody and the devil can do about it. You are not just blessed, you are a blessing.

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