The Power is in You – By Pastor Lanre Oluseye

Reading from the book of Luke 10:17-20, the metropolitan Pastor of House On The Rock Church, Port Harcourt, Pastor Lanre Oluseye said scriptures record an account where the disciples had come back to Jesus excitedly about the miracles that had happened through them. However, Jesus wasn’t excited.

he further said:


He brought to their attention that their experience was basic because all they had experience was a right because they believed in Jesus. He enjoined to them to rejoice rather because their names are written in heaven.

The backing authority of the believer is that we have our name written in the book of life. This explains the experience of the sons of Sceva in Acts 19. While they attempted to cast out demons, they were not recognised.

The book of life give us legitimacy. This is what happens with those in professional endeavour. People in Engineering, law and a few other courses need a level of certification to take up responsibilities in certain quarters.

Your name being written means that there is a register, and that is the legitimacy that you have to use the name (Jesus).

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Overcoming is different from prevailing. You are recognised in the place where you are registered.

To know how big God is, you must know the facts that God created time and eternity. If you are a believer, you have legitimacy to use His name.

You are in Glory when you release everything around you, and everything around you is subject to your Glory. The hope God has of getting Glory from this world is in you. So when you exhibit Glory, God is Glorified.

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