#HOTRService: Pastor Paul Adefarasin teaching on: Where Do You Root Your Joy?

Below are the excerpts of the message of the senior pastor of House On The Rock Church, Lekki Cathedral Lagos on the message titled: “Where Do You Root Your Joy?”.

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“God didn’t need to create man, the Son and Spirit were more than enough
for Him. But, when you have so much love, you need another to express
the love because to love self is demeaning.

God makes much of you. You don’t need keys to get into His house. The door is open!

Idolatry is when you just worship God because He makes much of you.
Allow God’s making much of you empower you to make much of Him.

The purpose of salvation is being with God. Enjoy Him more than anything He gives otherwise, all you have is religion.

It is glorious to be made much of by God through the Blood of Jesus. Do
you know that God brags on you? That you can command demons to be
destroyed, speak the Word of God and angels obey because they respect
His Word in your mouth and are seated at His right hand.

When you see people blessed beyond the norm, don’t get jealous. Just
recognise that they are favoured. Recognition attracts favour, while
jealousy retards favour.

Jesus came to give you access to be with God, and not to prevent you
from going to hell. The whole purpose of salvation in God’s plan was so
that man would be with God.

To the woman of Samaria, the Living Water was more important. New birth
changes the root so that self is replaced by Christ which fuels your
desire until He becomes your only desire.

Think about this; do you feel most satisfied by God because He makes much of you or because He enables you to make much of Him?

God lavishes His love on you so you can spend eternity making much of
Him. When God lavishes His love on you, it is for His Glory.

The blessing of Abraham upon the gentiles is justification by faith.
Anything you didn’t get by faith, you worked for. It is better to
receive by faith what God has already given, than to toil to get it
because you are not a son of Adam but a son of God.

Grace empowers you to live up to godly standards.

God makes much of you by giving you authority to judge angels.

In Psalms 8:5, the scripture wasn’t talking about angels, it was talking about Elohim who is God Himself.

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God makes much of you by ascribing value to you and rejoicing over you as His possession.

God makes much of you by saying and declaring about you that the
righteous shall shine like the sun in the Kingdom because the brightness
of His Glory is the brightness of your glory.

God makes much of you by making you sit at His table when Christ returns to gather the Saints for His Kingdom.

God makes much of you by granting you authority to sit with Christ on
His throne. The Body of Christ is going to be the capacity He will use
to serve, rule and lead the universe. We are going to be the fullness of
His glory.

God’s love for you in His grand design is so that you can give Him
glory. Self, no matter how glorious, can never satisfy a heart made for
God and made for Love.

God who is Love in the beginning had love to give but nobody to give it
to. He created man to give him all His intangible, inconceivable,
infinite and absolute love.

The good things of this world gravitate towards God because they revolve
around Him. Mercy will keep you qualified for His goodness.

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