‘Face your work and mind your business’ Lagos pastor, Poju Oyemade tells fellow pastor who queried him for going to Russia to watch the world cup

Lagos Pastor, Poju Oyemade, shared the photo  of himself in
Russia to watch the semi-finals matches at the world cup. Then,  fellow pastor asked him what will going to the world cup do for his church.
Interestingly, Pastor Poju wasted no time to ask the pastor to mind his business.

their exchange below:

Pastor Poju Oyemade tweet: “Just arrived St Petersburg for the semi finals tonight. My heart says France head says Belgium.”

Evangelistokafor comment: “What value will ds add to Ur church members than arouse them in d wrong ambience of tots!.”

Pastor Poju Oyemade clap-back: “One of the fundamental principles of life and ministry is to face your
work and mind your business. Leave that to my Church members. Brother
let everyman walk his own path. God bless.”

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