Monday Bible Study: The Ministry Of The Abiding Comforter – John 16:1-11

“But now I go my way to him that sent me; and none of you asketh me, Whither
goest thou?

Nevertheless I tell you the truth; It is expedient for you that I go away: for
if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will
send him unto you.”

John 16:5,7.

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Jesus was going back to heaven, where He came from. He was about to complete
His assignment and fulfill His mission on earth. The disciples were sorrowful
because they have become so used to Him. He had called them them out of their
sins, out of the darkness of the world. They have never seen anyone like Him,
in view of the miracles, and the great works He did, as well as showing them
the Father in heaven. He had also empowered them to do all the works that He

Though the world hated them, they did not feel it so much because of the
abiding presence of Christ with them. Now, the Master was going to leave them
alone, and they were wondering who would take His place.

What were those things
that Christ had done for them:
– Mark 3:13. He called them to salvation, sanctification and consecration to
service. They heed His call, coming to Him as Lord and Saviour. Mark 2:17.
Jesus came to the world to seek and save the lost, Luke 19:10. All the
disciples were lost in sin, in the world, until Jesus found them.
– Matthew 13:11. He exposed the deep mysteries of God to them. They not only
repented and got saved, they had eternal life, they were chosen.

– John 6:67. Apostle Peter responded, “to whom shall we go, thou has
the words of life”. They were totally given to the Lord. John 15:15-16,
18-19. Even those things the High Priest and the people did not have, they
possessed. The Pharisees, Saduccees, and the world hated them, but Christ was
there for them and they could not be bothered.

– John 17:14-16. They had a mark, superscription, and identity of heaven
upon them. Jesus kept them from all evil and provided for all their needs. He
also gave them authority and power, Luke 9:1.
-He was their Friend, Captain, Lord and Forerunner. He told them He was
going and gave them an important information, He was the only one who could
find and them that their names were written in the book of life.

Jesus was telling them everything ahead of time so that when the things begin
to happen, they will not be offended. The leaders of the people, instead of
leading them to God, would rather persecute them. They had no relationship with

1. Their Persecution In His Absence. Matthew 24:10-13; Luke 6:22
Jesus said after His departure, they would persecute His disciples, because
they believe in Jesus as the Son of God and the only Saviour, because they
believe His words, that morality, good works cannot save, that as you put all
your trust in Christ, not trusting your own righteousness, you will be saved.
He said this stance will make the world to hate His disciples, they would
thrust them out of their synagogues, even from the family. vs 23. Jesus said
they should not be sorrowful, but rejoice because their reward is great in
heaven. The world would always support the false prophets, careless Christians
who preach and say things that please them, things that do not convict them of
Some people desire the love and approval of the world, they want people to
speak well of them, so they have one leg in the church, and one leg outside.
They are like angels on Sundays, but so different on other days of the week. We
must not be like this.

2. Their Perception Of Their Animosity. John 16:3-4, 15:6, 19-21
Thank God we are not of the world. Anytime they are doing whatever they want to
do in the offices, places of business, in the family, in the schools, we will
not be part of it because we are not of this world. They do all those things
because they do not know God.

Acts 13:50,52. Paul and his co-labourers were expelled by the people of Antioch
out of their coasts because they were preaching and standing for Christ. They
were not sorrowful but rejoicing and filled with the Holy Ghost. So we must do
when we are going through persecution and trials. It is a mark that we belong
to the Lord.

The time of persecution is not the time to collapse, compromise or cry. It is a
time to remember all that Jesus told us, that we belong the Lord.

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3. The Pain Of His Admonition. John 16:6
Jesus told His disciples He was going to the Father, to heaven, that He was
going back to take the glory He left before. But the disciples were:
– Selfish in their consideration
– Superficial in their love
– Shallow in their thinking
– Satisfied without Calvary and Pentecost. They did not care about the
salvation of the world
– Shortsighted concerning His eternal purpose
– Scared of persecution
– Secured in their limitations.
The disciples did not want Jesus to go. What if He had yielded to their
pressure, what would have happened to humanity? There would not have been:
~ Gracious Calvary
~ Great Commission
~ Global, Gentile conversion
~ Greater, better covenant
~ Guiding, abiding Comforter
~ Gospel confirmation
~ Glorious, consolation and coronation.
Just as in Deeper Life Bible church, there was a time we were just one
branch, but expansion came and we had to send this leader and that leader out
to take the gospel to other places. These were valuable and useful people here,
but their going forth resulted in the spread of the gospel. If the members of
the local church that time had been sentimental and sorrowful, what would have
happened? The gospel would not have spread round the world as it has now.
Thank God Jesus did not yield to the desire of His disciples, we will not yield
to outbursts of emotions but follow the leading of the Lord. When the time
comes for any of our leaders in Lagos to be sent out, the church will do that
and we will all be of one mind.


“Nevertheless I tell you the truth; It is expedient for you that I go
away: for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I
depart, I will send him unto you.”
” . . . it is expedient for you that I go away . . .”
– John 11:50-52. It is expedient that He dies for the nation, Israel and the
whole world
– John 14:28; Acts 2:33. If He goes not away, the Holy Ghost will not come
– Heb 9:24. He had to go away so that He can appear in the presence of God for
– John 15:7. Going away of Jesus brings the Comforter
– John 14:16-18, 26. The Holy Ghost shall teach us all things, and bring into
our remembrance all that Jesus had taught us
– John 15:26-27. The Holy Ghost shall testify of Christ
– Luke 24:49. The Holy Ghost will fill them with power from on high
– Acts 9:31. Rest, comfort from the Holy Ghost and multiplication in the church
– They spoke the words of God with boldness
– They gave witness with great power and great grace was upon them all
– The apostles went everywhere, preaching the word.  There was great joy in the city of Samaria
where Philip went to minister.
– Hebrews 2:4. Signs and wonders were wrought and diverse kinds of gifts of the
Holy Ghost were released upon faithful witnesses.


Jesus said when the Holy Ghost, the Spirit of truth comes, He will:
1. Reprove the world of their sins. Acts 2:36-42, 3:19, 26:18
The preaching of the gospel through the power of the Holy Ghost pricked the
hearts of sinners. The Holy Ghost energizes the preacher to convict the sinners
of their sins.

2. Recall us to righteousness. John 16:8-10
The Holy Ghost through the preachers calls people to righteousness. Acts
24:24-25. Felix was willing to hear of Paul’s faith and he trembled at the word
of God even though he did not repent. Romans 1:17-18, 3:10. This is what true
preachers are to reveal, to show that no one is righteous, that all have
sinned, but that righteousness can be got from God. To show the futility of
going about to establish one’s own righteousness. To show how to become
righteous, which is to repent and turn away from all sins.

3. Remind us of the judgment to come. John 16:8,11
There is judgment at the end of life for as many as failed to repent, reject
sin and turn to the Saviour. Romans 2:1-5; II Corinthians 5:10-11. We must all
appear before the judgment seat of Christ. God sees and takes record of
everything the world is doing.  We as
ambassadors of Christ are to reconcile the world to God.

Heb 9:27. After death comes judgment. After sinners have heard the word of God,
and the knowledge of truth, and willfully continue to commit sin, no more
sacrifice can be made for them except that they face the fearful judgment of
The just shall live by his faith. God does not approve of anyone drawing back
from Him because such will face judgment.

Revelation 20:11-15. Every evil, bad, terrible, sinful, licentious things
sinners do is recorded in the Book of Records, but after salvation, such names
are written in the Book of Life. Whosoever’s name is not found in the Book of
Life will be cast into the lake of fire.
Luke 10:20. We should rejoice because our names are written in the Book of
Life. As we keep our salvation and consecration to the Lord, judgment will pass
over us. Amen and Amen.

— May God count us all worthy for heaven, may the ministry of the Holy Ghost
be effective in our lives and ministry in Jesus name.
— May God bless, keep and strengthen our father in the Lord. May his labour
over us not be in vain in Jesus name. Amen.

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Monday Bible Study: The Ministry Of The Abiding Comforter - John 16:1-11

 This is excerpts of Monday Bible Study of the General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor W.F. Kumuyi on Monday 11th June, 2018 and was written by Kemisola Omoyiola our Bible Study correspondent. 

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