Kemi Olunloyo [@HNNAfrica] convert to Islam. Issued Official Media Statement

Nigeria journalist and pharmacist, Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo today announced her exit from Christian-fold to Islam.

In the statement issued in her personal Instagram account, Ms Kemi accused Christianity for bringing “TURMOIL” to her rather than message.

Kemi Olunloyo [@HNNAfrica] convert to Islam. Issued Official Media Statement

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Below is what she posted :


Everyone I hope u people realize I went to a Catholic church all my
life and Catholic school while I was living with my grandma. I went to
mass at Our Lady of Wisdom my childhood Catholic church in U.I March
12th 2017 till my life changed when I was dragged out of my home March
14th 2017 by armed Federal SARS police on orders of the IGP on behalf of
a pastor. The #ptsd
I have been battling has been ignored by everyone. My pain is too much.
The recent Catholic church scandal and the ones I witnessed in America
in the 90’s is enough. Before I joined Salvation Ministry I attended
Catholic church in prison. 

There are 6 churches and a mosque for all
5000 prisoners. When I was released, I continued attending St Mary’s PH
outside the prison till I decided to visit Salvation Ministries and meet
the pastor that jailed me. I forgave him, he forgave me, told me to
read the story of Saul to Paul. Pastor Ibiyeomie suffered me. He knew
it. I made his church extra FAMOUS when I did a testimony cursing the
sender of that letter to me telling people not to let the devil use you. 

His congregation prayed for global recognition and God gave them through
me. He preached about me at his #5Nog
CD’s which I covered well. I enjoyed it. Many of you mocked me saying
he gave me millions. I have NEVER asked him for a penny. The case was
withdrawn. I’m SUICIDAL daily dreaming about how I was executed in
prison and so many traumatic flashbacks. U mock my medical fund in 30
days only 12 people donated and U are preaching to me telling me I’m

Christianity bought me TURMOIL, no message. I’m not an
atheist, My sisters gave me the Grail message not a religion. I need
ALLAH aka GOD. Islamophobics should UNFOLLOW me. Islam is the peace I
need. I’m worshipping God thru Prophet Mohammed so respect that. I will
continue to blast radical Muslim terror groups. They are nonentities.
Pentecostal, Catholic, Anglican Christians don’t FAMZ me to preach. Face
your own denominations. Fellow Muslims, don’t politicize my conversion
Radical Muslims 💣👿 don’t welcome me. Hell awaits you.

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