#JuneWOSE: #Quotes of Pastor David Ibiyeomie on ‘ENJOYING SUPERNATURAL FAVOUR – PART 2:’

Supernatural means pertaining to, characteristic of or attributed to God. It is a direct influence or action of God in earthly affairs through the application of God’s Word.

Enjoying supernatural favour means preferential treatment giving to a child of God through the application of God’s Word in order to derive maximum satisfaction in every area of life.

Favour is an act of kindness or preferential treatment giving to someone.

To enjoy means to derive satisfaction from something.

When God’s favour shows up, your struggles go off.

The struggles of life will end when God’s favour is at work in your life.

God’s favour is a release of supernatural grace to back up your effort for progressive results – 1 Corinthians 15:10

God’s favour turns frustration into success. It also turns captives into captains.

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1. It lifts men – Psalm 30:1.
2. It prospers – Exodus 3:21, Psalm 30:6.
3. It makes you to stand out – Psalm 30:7.
4. It covers your errors and makes you to shine.
5. It terminates emptiness.
6. It provokes joy – Psalm 30:5

1.Knowledge – Proverbs 13:15; Luke 2:52; 2 Peter 1:2.
You are entitled to favour as a child of God but knowledge give you access to it.

Knowledge provoke the release of divine favour – John 8:32.
Everything in your life will multiply based on the knowledge you have – Proverbs 13:15.
Knowing what God can do is universal knowledge but knowing what you must do to experience what He can do is revelation. Salvation is designed for your beautification – Psalm 149:4.

2. Love and forgiveness – Genesis 39:21-23
When you act in love and forgiveness your position in life changes.
God’s favour can come through any means. Do not limit God.
Do not work by your feelings, when you do not forgive, it hinders the flow of God’s favour.
Lack of unforgiveness hurts you more than the person who wronged you.

1. Pray for it – Esther 4:15.
2. Confess favour daily – Psalm 68:19.
3. Call forth your favour – Romans 4:17. As a child of God, supernatural favour should be a daily occurrence.
4. Expect favour – Ephesians 1:6 What you cannot expect, you can never experience – proverbs 23:18
#JuneWOSE: #Quotes of Pastor David Ibiyeomie on 'ENJOYING SUPERNATURAL FAVOUR - PART 2:'

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