Interview: Faithful Banuna speak on why he joined GoldCity Entertainment and what inspired ‘YOU ARE CROWN’

Music is one of the big thing that can never be taken a away from human no matter the genre of the song. It has goes beyond the singing; it is spiritual.

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We were able to caught up with one of the Port Harcourt talented chronic worshiper, Faithful Banuna,  whose works have being blessing to the body of Christ to discuss about his soon to be release single “You Are Crown” and what the public should be expecting from him, as envisaged, he told us many things about himself, GoldCity Entertainment and Port Harcourt entertainment.

Speaking on what  inspired his new single; You Are Crown“,  Mr. Banuna said; “it was born out of deep worship. I finished a night prayer season  with my family and as usual, I continued to worship alone, I began to hear ‘Your crown shall be revealed to all’ then, I continue to meditate on that until it came into existence.”

House on The Rock worship servant said he expect the song to be a great blessing to as many that will listen to it when released on 30th June, 2018.

Speaking on the challenges faces by Port Harcourt entertainment industry, the University of Port Harcourt graduate of Linguistic and Communication Study said, one of the challenges faced by the entertainment industry in the State is investor who can really look into the industry and “support it” to the fullest. Though he hope that one day, the challenges will be things of the past because “Port Harcourt artistes are doing great works and there are wonderful talents in the city whose dedications in the craft can help attract good investors.”

He also commend the Rivers State government for their efforts but urge them to “do more.”

Speaking to BelieveAll.Com on why he joined GoldCity Entertainment Music Label despite the fact the Label is not a well known outfit in the national domain,  the singer took us to the history of Moses in the Bible whose beginning was little but later have a national dominance.

Mr. Banuna said he  “believe in starting small” but warn the GoldCity Entertainment is not small because the owner of the Record Label has a large heart and they are going to hit the industry more than imagined.

He said: “The world should expect impact, more songs that will wow people and bring people from back of nowhere to the place of relevance in the society.”

He said in spite of the fact that his ministry is not to stand on the pulpit to preach repentance like pastors, rather as an artiste, he preach in singing, the said the world should expect more fire and light.

In conclusion, the father of two lovely kids said people should expect great things from
GoldCity Entertainment Music Label because they are going to “shine the light” to the world.

Interview: Faithful Banuna speak on Why he joined GoldCity Entertainment and what inspired 'YOU ARE CROWN'

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