#HOTRService: 20 Powerful #Quotes of Pastor Paul Adefarasin on the message: ‘The Root of All Evil’

1. There is a difference between root and fruit. When you only cut the
fruits of evil, it will continue to hinder our effectiveness in Christ
until you tackle it at the roots.

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2. You are much better placed and prosperous when you share than when you hoard.

3. Broken Cisterns cannot hold real joy, it cannot hold peace, it cannot hold real purpose and it cannot hold marriages.

4. Until you see and hate the root of evil, you will consistently diminish
the Glory of God in your appraisal. You will continue to diminish the
profound victory of Christ.

5. Be careful what you hear and who you hear from. Incline your ear to Wisdom, satan is not Wisdom personified.

6. God wants you to have good things, Satan wants you to hewn broken cisterns. Evil is desiring something more than you desire God.

7. The root of evil was not eating the forbidden fruit. The root of evil
was that Adam and Eve desired the fruit more than they desired God.

8. Your Chief desire is meant to be God and Him alone. He wants to be your
only desire. You must never desire anything else more than you desire

9. Without God, you are merely existing and that is not life.

10. God is better than everything you desire, in fact He will give you things when your focus is on Him and not on them.

11. God wants you to have money, but He doesn’t want money to have you.

12. If you reduce godliness to deeds, you cannot fulfill godliness. No matter
how much righteousness you do, it doesn’t make you righteous.

13. Jesus could do no mighty works in some Cities because they had no desire
for God. When there is a genuine desire for God, the presence of God

14. You are God’s currency on earth. His image is on you. When God wants to do anything on earth, He does it through you.

15. The reason why God forgave your sins is so that you could come to Him,
He removed His wrath from your life and placed it on Jesus so that you
would not be scared of Him and can approach Him boldly.

16. Run to God. Don’t let guilt shrink the Glory of God in your life.

17. Your confidence should not be in what you have, but in who has you-
God. You will not take any of your belongings with you when you die.
Don’t become too attached to the things that are meant to be stewards to

18. When you have money, you have options which births desire for things
money can give you. The test of poverty cannot be compared with the test
of wealth.

19. Godliness with contentment is great gain. To be in God is to forever be
ahead. So whatever phase or state that you are in, be content that you
have God and God has you.

20. Real wealth is the knowledge of how to create the wealth.

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#HOTRService: 20 Powerful #Quotes of Pastor Paul Adefarasin on the message" 'The Root of All Evil'

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