#WC2018: Bishop Mike Okonkwo [@drmikeokonkwo] Quotes On The Message: The Transforming Power of God’s Word

The Presiding Bishop over The Redeemed Evangelical Mission
(TREM), Bishop Mike Okonkwo
was the second speaker at Day 3 of the Word Conference

During his ministration, Bishop Okonkwo preached on the message title: The Transforming Power of God’s Word.

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 Below are some of the great words of the Bishop during his message:

It’s not enough to be born again, your thought pattern has to be transformed. It is important your belief system is dealt with.

Until you are able to understand the transforming power of the Word of God, you will remain an easy target for the enemy.

Genesis introduces God to you as Creator. The Spirit moved and nothing
happened until God spoke. Everything in this world exists because of the
Word of God. There is power in the Word of God-Col 1:13.

The Word of God is the Transforming Agent. He is infallible, errorless and is authority.

When you see who you are, God will ensure that what He made you for will materialise. What you see will determine what you get!

 God wants to deliver you from yourself. It is a problem to keep looking at yourself in the flesh. Look to Christ!

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See yourself through Christ! You are not a Gentile, you are not a Jew!
You are a new creation and He deals with you from that perspective.

All things are possible to him who believes. Just believe what God says you are.

Every Word of God has within it the capacity to produce what it says. It does not depend on you, your part is to believe.

When you believe God, you lay hold to what has been perfected. You must be careful what you’re expecting because God will give it to you. Your end is glory, you will never see reproach!

God is not a comedian. He says exactly what He wants to do. God’s promise to you is a covenant which He will not break.

God honors His word above His name. The Word of God is full of wonders. When you stand on the Word of God, it will change your situation and circumstance.

If you fail to speak to yourself so that your mindset changes, you will
remain where you are. It is time to open your mouth and speak.

Every time you reject what God calls you, the Holy Spirit will have no
ingredient to work with. Even when you don’t understand it, say- ‘Be it
unto Me’. This is what produces Transformation.

You are immersed in Christ. Even if the devil comes to show God the
things you haven’t done well, He cannot see it but sees Christ instead.

When you start saying what God has perfected concerning you,it will manifest.

Learn to speak the Word of God everyday. Speak it to yourself, it will keep you above only. Carve your future!

Be righteousness conscious. It is a gift that has been given to you without which, you cannot reign.

The greatest honour you can give to Christ is to renew your mind in
accordance to what Christ has done for you. Accepting anything less than
this is an insult to redemption.

Whatever altar of wickedness against you is destroyed right now. You will not see shame, be embarrassed or ridiculed.

Any ground you walk upon, you take dominion. I speak the blessing of God upon your life. Be blessed! It is a new day!

#WC2018: Bishop Mike Okonkwo [@drmikeokonkwo] Quotes On The Message: "The Transforming Power of God's Word."

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