#Quotes of Dr. Mark Chironna [@markchironna] during the World Conference 2018 – #WC2018 at the House On The Rock Church

Dr Mark  Chironna is  the Senior Pastor of Church of the Living Edge in Orlando, Florid.

Dr. Chiroma was the first speaker during the World Conference 2018 at House On The Rock Church, Lagos, Nigeria.

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During his ministration, Dr. Chiroma said:

To find something implies that you’re disconnected from it. To prove something implies that it is innate in you.

Human beings are the only creatures on the planet that bury their dead.
They do not only bury their dead, they speak over their dead. There is
something in man that is teleleogical implying that man was created with
an end in mind.

Until you have pursued as best as you can what is supposed to happen but
hasn’t happened yet, you are not finished. Jesus said ‘it is finished’
and not ‘you are finished’.

There is difference between transformation and conforming. Conforming is on the surface while transformation is on the inside.

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The process of transformation makes you defy death and enter into possibility.

A caterpillar in its cocoon stage becomes liquid. A state which
scientists refer to as imaginal cells. Because of the powerful pull of
the future, it begin to reconnect itself & transform into what it
had always wanted to be- a butterfly.

The only way we know God is by what He does. ‘I Am’ is not a name but a verb. He is everything we need Him to be.

God became man that man might become as He is. When Adam fell, he gave
away his power and became less that his full human potential.

God became man that man might become as He is. When Adam fell, he gave away his power and lost his full potential.

When you are intimidated by what’s happening on the outside, you give up your power and become less of your full potential.

Your psychological orientation is past and present but God’s orientation is future.

Transformation doesn’t happen because of the past. There is nothing in the butterfly’s past that can make it fly. 

To be transformed, you need to have your ears inclined to what is happening and not what has happened.

The future is not where you’ve been, so you have no map to get there. You’ve got to have faith.

If there is going to be transformation, there has to be a change in the relationship.

God is giving a command to you tonight ‘be filled with the Holy Spirit’
through which He is about to transform somethings in your life.

You are the agent of transformation that Heaven needs to collaborate
with to bring things to pass by calling forth those things that are not
as though they are.

Turning water to wine requires a transformation that takes the end
process and brings it to the beginning. Don’t try to figure out God’s
command. Just do it!

Transformation is not a formula, it is obedience to the nudging of the Holy Spirit who is the agent of transformation.

There is a prophet inside you, He is the Holy Spirit. Speak into
existence what wants to happen. Do not speak of it as if you want it to
happen, speak of it as if it has already happened. Prophecy your own

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#Quotes of Dr. Mark Chironna [@markchironna] during the World Conference 2018 at the House On The Rock Church

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