Aboki 4 Christ had offered to pay KOBaba to own the jokes. – Sonofman revealed

As the the controversy on continue among Port Harcourt comedians stealing each others’ joke, Port Harcourt comedian, Sonofman has revealed that popular Nigerian comedian, Aboki4Christ was at a time offered Port Harcourt base comedian money to own his jokes.

This revelation was made  as he responded to his colleague in the industry,
Mrfunny Emmanue, who claimed that KOBaba steal joke especially, from Aboki4Christ.

He further revealed that “no comedian is 100% original but you must own 80% of your originality.”

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Below is what SonOfMan shared on Facebook timeline:

One comedian in Nigeria that has prove his worth of creativity and delivery on stage is KObaba Jornsen. Evey creative comedian can relate to this even the likes of AY, Julius Agwu, Okey bakassi, Mc Abbey, Dan d humorous, Mudiaga Ogheneovo, etc.

He had proven this again and again, lifting port Harcourt to be a creative city.
That was what a folk commented in his post ‘Public Announcement’,
leaving a comment that KO Baba stole Aboki for Christ joke. Chai!!

Mrfunny Emmanuel if
you don’t know, let me educate you properly, those jokes you hear aboki
for Christ crack belongs to KO Baba. Aboki for Christ first performed
the joke at Sierra Leone and post the video on YouTube, we saw it,
didn’t rise any alarm till he came back to port Harcourt, they had
discussion, continued in their relationship and strength to break more
grounds, Aboki for Christ had on several occasions performed ko baba
jokes at Apostle Suleman church…. Did you know such thing on social
media? NO! 

I was even shock you posted such, and to clear you more, Aboki for Christ had offered to pay ko baba to own the jokes which KO Baba rejected cos of their friendship, he rejected the offer, they are
still friends. Did he hear such online? NO!

Why then say KO Baba stole Aboki for Christ joke? 

Oh you want to mock him now, maybe cos you aren’t funny enough for him to add you to the #TalkaHolicUnlimited family. Chai, sorry for that. 

No comedian is 100% original but you must own 80% of your originality,
which KO Baba over time have proven. He have a record after the likes of
Gandoki (Who performed 2 days on stage), Alibaba (who performed 5
hours) and KO Baba (Who performed 2.08 hours) straight on stage.

To further add, there is no big event in this town he isn’t on the bill
expect they couldn’t afford to pay for his services, anchoring and
performed in major events like AY live, crack ya ribs, Akpororo Vs Akpororo, etc.

This is not to demarket anybody but a case to clear the air before it will lead to another thing.
You’re either creative or creathief!

Comedians perform their colleague jokes that’s if the person is your
friend or bloodline, or you’ve notify the original owner or you give
credit to original owner before or after the joke if you didn’t notify
him before time.

Of course I’ve sometime crack Adviser Comedian, Ekwubiri Gsn Godson jokes and they are aware.
The first time I cracked Adviser joke, someone went to do amibo, Adviser laughed and reply the person I Don hear.
I’ve learn to build on my creativity. It’s working.

Creativity are open everywhere…. Choose your source of inspiration.
not to demarket anybody but to state things well for tomorrow sake before Alibaba, basket mouth will steal Mr funny jokes.

I am #SonOFman #SaltOFcomedy #TalkaHolicUnlimited”

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Aboki 4 Christ had offered to pay KOBaba to own the jokes. - Sonofman revealed

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