#HOTRService: 30 Powerful #Quotes of Pastor Paul Adefarasin on the message: It’s My Time For A Total Makeover.

A transformation Word specifically suited for you this morning through senior pastor of House On The Rock Church, Lekki, Pastor Paul Adefarasin. Taking his text from Acts 3:1-10 (KJV) he has these inspirational words for you.

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1. Because of the blood of the everlasting covenant shed by Christ, you are
in for a makeover. God is about to save you from the thing you thought
had permanently limited you.

2. God wants you to be absolutely enamoured with His goodness but when you
settle for less, it is symptomatic that you don’t want a miracle.

3. Saul pursued position while David’s concern was for God’s presence. The
most important thing you need in your life is the presence of God.

4.  Nothing you desire should compares to the desire for His presence. The
throne doesn’t make you a king, the presence of God is what makes you.

5. Why you should worship and praise God has nothing to do with your
ethnicity, culture, education or denomination, it is a necessity. For if
you don’t worship Him, you will miss His presence without which you are
nothing. It is intelligent to worship your God!

6. Your circumstances may be ugly but God is holy – different from your
circumstance. The only thing standing between you and the transformation
of your life is praise. If God sits in your praise, everything changes.

7. David knew the crucible of his dysfunction was an opportunity for God’s presence so He praised Him.

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8. God doesn’t just see what your problem is, He sees why, He sees your future and He’ll pull you out of it.

9. Until you have an encounter with the glorious presence of God, transformation is not possible.

10. Things can keep getting nice on the outside while the glory is missing.
You can have a ugly problem in a beautiful place. The glory is what
changes everything.

11. You can’t see the future if you don’t have the glory because when you
have the glory, it forecasts the future and gives an assurance that this
circumstance is for the glory. You don’t have to stay like this, your
whole life can change!

12. The lame man at the beautiful gate’s original problem was always the lack of the glory.

13. When Peter and John got to the temple, revelation confronted religion.
The leper was healed not because he saw Peter and John only, but because
they saw his past, present and future.

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14. When a problem has stayed for so long, you develop a coping mechanism
because it hurts to have expectations for change that don’t come.
Whatever you do, don’t settle! If you already did, look up because
something is about to happen in your life!

15. If you reduce your expectation, it may save you some pain but it will cost you your breakthrough.

16. God didn’t say misery is your portion, He said that the kingdom of God
is your portion which includes righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy
Ghost. Start expecting again because when you are expectant, something
is triggered in the heavenlies.

17. A sick heart doesn’t know how to handle revelation when it comes. The
lame man was looking for a healing, he was looking for a handout. He had
a coping mechanism and wanted to feed his coping system.

18. The Gospel is not only about talking because talk is cheap. Having
commanded the lame man to rise up and walk, Peter and John lifted him.
Whatever is the weakest part of your life will receive strength

19. The lame man never learned how to walk yet he bypassed the learning
process, leaped and stood by the glory of God. There are things that God
will bring you to into without giving you a learning process, He will
give it to you by revelation knowledge.

20. You need somebody in your life who is going to push you out of where you have settled.

21. Lift your hands up, God wants to carry you. He wants to lift you up to
heights you never imagined so you can do what you could never have done,
have what you could never have had and go where you could never have
gone. Because the glory is here, you are loose!

22. Although the glory is invisible to the natural eyes, it is evident because of the transformation.

23. The thief comes to steal your glory so that he can steal kill and
destroy everything that concerns you. Christ has come that you will have
life and have it abundantly.

24. Don’t be too big for God to pick up. Don’t be wrapped up in yourself.
Let God lift you up to His level and use you as a testimony of His

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