‘Give yourself what it needs’ – Comedian KO Baba advice

Ace multi talented comedian, KO Baba Jorsen, who is known for this sacrificial nature used social media page to admonish his followers to give themselves a worthwhile life because they deserve the best and need to give themselves good things of life.

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Below is what he posted on his Instagram page:

you believe in yourself, you will live life being yourself and doing
the very best to give yourself a worthwhile life. Do you know that
staying poor will make you deprive yourself the taste of a quality life,
so why not work and treat yourself with love. Your body deserves good
clothes, good food and good shelter, honestly I have looked at life and
agree that I need to be very wealthy and healthy to enjoy this and much
more. Please make up your mind to love yourself, and you can’t love
without giving. Give yourself what it needs. The bible say love your
neighbour as yourself because you deserve to love yourself. Today, some
people can’t just show love to themselves, there is no food, no good
place to lay your body and no enough money to afford the good things of
life. Please its starts from learning, earning, investing and working.
The pains you don’t face today, you will face tomorrow. Its has been
discovered that no pain, no gain. Find a job or create and start
building something; You will reap tomorrow and live in good comfort.
Don’t you think you deserve that and much more. God bless.”

'Give yourself what it needs' - Comedian KO Baba advices

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