#BelieveAllTwitterChat: ‘Port Harcourt Has Alot Of Hidden Potentials That Need To Be Publicized.’ – Tonye Briggs

When it comes to showcasing the city of Port Harcourt to the world, Port Harcourt In Pictures is good at that. In a LIVE online chat with Otuonye Chidera, Tonye Briggs, the founder of the platform share her  achievement, challenges and what the future hold for Port Harcourt In Pictures.

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BelieveAll: Welcome to #BelieveAllTwitterChat
with me. It is a pleasure to have you [@PHCinpictures].
Please share a bit about yourself with us.
Tonye: Hello. Good Evening Thank you very much for having me
here. I’m Tonye, the current Media Manager of @PHCinpictures ( )
a social media platform that showcases Port Harcourt and publicizes Port
Harcourt based brands and businesses.
BelieveAll: What is the idea behind Port Harcourt In Pictures and what
do you aim to achieve through your platforms (Instagram, Twitter and Facebook)?
Tonye:  It’s just a platform to showcase our dear city beyond
militancy and oil bunkering. Port Harcourt has allot of hidden potentials that
need to be publicized.
BelieveAll: So what is the reception like since you started this brand?
Tonye:  Well, it was started 2 years ago. We started out a page
on Instagram and we have grown into a lifestyle brand due to the immense
support from Port Harcourt residents and indigence. So I would say it’s been
BelieveAll:  Please can you share with us the notable achievement of Port
Harcourt In Pictures since inception till date?
Tonye: We have been able to take Port Harcourt to the world
with the help of various partners and also portray Port Harcourt as a safe and
habitable place. We have also worked with and handled social media publicity
for international brands outside Port Harcourt.
BelieveAll: What challenges are you facing a blogger in Port Harcourt?
Tonye: We’ve had innumerable challenges likes access to
information and Events. Affordable data plans and light.
BelieveAll: What is it like to be featured in @StartupSouthNg ?
Tonye: It was a
wonderful experience sharing my journey as the only lady amongst several men
doing Great things in the south-south and south-east. Thanks to @StartupSouthNg for
the feature. I’m happy I was able to motivate and inspire my fellow Bloggers
with my story.
BelieveAll: What is the future hold for Port Harcourt In Pictures?
Tonye: We look forward to expanding our horizons and curetting
more content as regards Port Harcourt.
BelieveAll: Thank for being with us on #BelieveAllTwitterChat.
I hope you will broadcast us to Port Harcourt? (Smile). Wishing you and Port
Harcourt in Pictures success.
Tonye: Thank you very much @BelieveAllCom.
Thanks for having us. Together we would make Port Harcourt Great again Cheers.

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on #BelieveAllTwitterChat: 'Port Harcourt Has Alot Of Hidden Potentials That Need To Be Publicized.' - Tonye Briggs

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