Grow Your Fee – By KObaba Jornsen

I remember finishing a training session and a friend of mine; Oruz
Kennedy asked a question, that question has made me develop a training
series that i want to share briefly.

I want to say that
financial independence comes by improving your performance and
visibility with an intent of improving your pay and profitability. You
can place a higher bill than what you are getting now, but I need to
mention that you have to prove your value in order to prompt such
positive response to your demand. Look around and you will see that lots
of us (career people) started for free, then freewill, then a fee, more
fee and much more fee. What has happened is that as we keep improving,
proving our worth with good performance, we made a case for a good pay.

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Its also good to say that your improvement must first reflect on your
output before it reflects on your income. If your clients notice that
you do what you do better, and you have the guts to quote a higher fee,
you will get paid and get better pay as a result of that fact. Give
people reasons why you deserve better, then they can accept to offer
something better.

Secondly, integrity is in the circle of
scarcity, and you all know that scarcity inflates cost, people with high
level of integrity are scarce. Please, be honest, punctual, committed,
open and accountable; it will help you whether you are a career person
or an entertainer, this is a universal standard. Let your improvement
come with lots of integrity, most people will easily hire who they have
observed to be honest. They will pay for your being a man that matches
word with action. A man once told me that the only reason he can’t
change his mechanic is that he is honest. Integrity has a way of making
you deserve more.

Thirdly, I want to say that branding is power.
Please don’t be too casual that you don’t know how to create a
perspective and proposition that sales you good. The common terms that
we use is ‘packaging’, so let me say package better if you want to show
that you deserve better ‘package’. A branded coverall, customized tools,
car, Personal assistant, cozy office, classy business card, a smart
look always, a good trademark, etc. can make a client perceive you
better and bigger, then they will want to pay better.

Loyalty is my fourth point that can help you make more and much money.
Keep the people you service forever or for a long term. Imagine if you
are a blogger and the companies you blogged for have been with you for
years and you have the ones who just came in. Same thing for a comedian,
musician, graphics expert, dancer or cinematographer. You didn’t do a
one off and no more.

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You satisfied them, maintained contact, made them
keep calling you. I remember one of my clients was a N50,000 patron, now
I do three gigs for more than a million naira every year. What happened
was that i kept satisfying the client, retained the client and gave
them reasons why I deserved much more. Loyal clients are the surest bet
to referrals, please find out and you will understand this fact.

want to end on this note and make this brief because I am talking about
getting better pay.

Marketing makes you get more; this means you must
consciously find a way to brand, promote, position, price well, get paid
and make investment that will make you popular. Popular people in every
field have an advantage that makes them deserve more. A good marketing
strategy can bring you popularity, whether its slow but steady.

Please, 2018 comes with lots of promises, and you can get better pay,
but let’s do what we are supposed to do to make it happen. Thanks and
expect success!

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