Author Of Life – By Simeon Afolabi

“He was not that Light, but was sent to bear witness of that Light”. John 1:8

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It had been 400 years since any prophet was seen on the landscape. The arrival of John, therefore, was like spring rain over a patched ground. People who had been hungry for a prophetic word readily took after him, not minding his harsh words and seeming unrefined approach.
At that time too, people began to wonder if he was not the long awaited Saviour of Israel. He was too audacious not to be the Saviour. This mistaken identity was what our text tried to put in perspective.

“He was not that Light”, the text emphasized, he only came to bear witness of that Light. Which Light is referred to here? It is the life-giving light earlier pointed out in John 1:4, which is Jesus.

The text before us has significance for both spiritual leaders of our time and those who follow them. In a sense, all believers, and especially spiritual leaders, are lights to the world.

We read this in the beatitudes; Jesus called us light. However, no one is in the same category as Jesus. We must never confuse any mortal man with Jesus who alone is the Author of life. Too many times, we get carried away by the charisma of certain leaders and fall into temptation of idolizing them.

Doing that sets such men on slippery path; and we run the risk of great disappointment when they falter. 

Leaders themselves should be wary of unwarranted adulation. Constantly, they must demonstrate modesty by bringing their humanity to the fore and letting their followers know that they are mortal just like anyone else.

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PRAYER: Father, deliver me from the temptation of taking the glory that belongs to You.
Bible Reading Plan Genesis 18-19 Matthew 6
Author Of Life - By Simeon Afolabi

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