#Shiloh2017: Quotes of Bishop David Oyedepo On Shiloh 2017 – Day 3

Don’t hear yourself, unless you have to back up yourself. Hear from God.

But you can’t be lead except you are in the spirit for God is a spirit and only talks to our spirit.

There is nothing mystical about divine guidance.

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Every child of God has the right of access to the Voice Of GOD.

It is one thing for the Word to enter into you,it’s another thing for you to enter into the Word.

The futility of Gods guidance is hearing from God.

There are men and women under the sound of my voice who will be greater than nations.

Submit to God’s guidance and you will never be grounded.

 You have to have the right mind and Spirit to receive.

Strong faith brings us to the realm of over running joy.

Don’t push God away your life.

God cannot stay in a place without joy.

Every commandment of scriptures is absolutely for your benefits.

Everything you do advances you, everything you don’t do impact negatively on you.

Be joyful, The Holy Spirit is called the oil of joy and gladness.

The greatest thing anyone can do for GOD or man is Pray.

#Shiloh2017: Quotes of Bishop David Oyedepo On Shiloh 2017 - Day 3

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