#Shiloh2017: Bishop David Oyedepo’s Quotes on The Message: “What are the proofs of Word Encounter”

Here are some of the inspirational quotes from the founder and presiding Pastor of Faith Tabernacle (a.k.a Winners Chapel), Bishop David Oyedepo on the morning season of the Shiloh 2017, Day Two.

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Supernatural faith is stirred by a Word encounter.

With joy and rejoicing, you live a supernatural healthy life.

Every encounter with the Word is an encounter with peace.
Every of your fears is gone today in Jesus’ name.

God’s Word makes you wise

It is not the PREACHING of the WORD but the ENCOUNTER that makes a MAN.

The commandment of the word is for making wise the simple. God’s word makes wise. The more encounter, the wiser you become.

Every encounter with the word puts you in partnership with God.

God’s wisdom is the wisdom of mighty works.

Every testimony of triumph in a believers life is traceable to word encounter.

Every testimony is a confirmation of God’s Word.

Your usefulness promotes your relevance and your royalty is enhanced by your loyalty. Kingdom stewardship is the key.

#Shiloh2017: Bishop David Oyedepo's Quotes on The Message: "What are the proofs of Word Encounter"

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