Picture Quotes From #Shiloh2017 – Day 1

Below are some of the picture quotes from Bishop David Oyedepo on the first day of Shiloh 2017 with the theme: A New Dawn on the message titled: “Unlocking Your New Dawn Heritage in Christ.”

Picture Quotes From #Shiloh2017

 “We are in the days of strange works and strange acts. It’s a brand-new season!”

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Pictures Quotes From #Shiloh2017

 “God is constantly out to do new things. Therefore, from today, your life will never lack new things again.”

Pictures Quotes From #Shiloh2017

 “It’s not enough to be saved to enjoy a new dawn, one needs to remain in the faith.” – Philippians 2:12

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“What you don’t receive can never bring forth fruit in your life.”

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Picture Quotes From #Shiloh2017 - Day 1

“The end has come finally to your struggle.”

“When you are illuminated by the WORD, you dominate your environment”

Be desperate for an encounter into a world of new things; strange works, strange acts that have never been seen.

Jesus finished your warfare at the cross. the siege of curses, spells and enchantments are over in your life.

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