28 Powerful #Quotes of Pastor W.F. Kumuyi’s During Deeper Life National December Retreat 2017

It was the dawn of a new beginning at the Deeper Life National December Retreat 2017 as participants left the camp with new hope of ‘new beginning’ as we are set to be ushered into a new new fresh year.

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The general superintendent of the Church, pastor William F. Kumuyi  preached eight messages out of twenty messages in the retreat programme. The messages he preached on includes:
1. The Deliverance and Dominion Of a Conquering Christian, 
2. The Wonder Of The Tongue, 
3. The Bride’s Covenant With The heavenly Bridegroom, 
4. His Sacrifice, Our Sufficiency,
5. No Curse For New Creation,
6. Reaching Every Home For Christ,
7. The Purpose Of Penticost and
8. Emmanuel!

Please, visit any Deeper Life Church nearest to you to order for the message CD.

Below are some of the quotes during his messages:
1. We need to be clothe in righteousness and holiness of God because that is what the Christ died for.

2. A sinners cannot be with Christ as part of him because Christ is righteous and holy. The only way a sinner can be with Christ is through conversion from sin to saint.

3. A sinner is naked before Christ.

4. Conversion is very necessary before you can become a bride of Christ.

5. You cannot come to the presence of God without being clothed in His righteousness.

6. When you love the Lord, there is nothing in the world your heart is loving contrary to the love of God.

7. It is covenant that brought us to our Lord, Jesus Christ.

8. Christ stripes are sufficient for our healing.

9. It is the sacrifice of Christ that made us holy.

10. To see God, we must possess a holy and sanctified heart.

11. temptation is not sin but yielding to it is sin.

12. Christ’s suffering on the cross was not as a result of his sin but ours.

13. The reason why Christ suffered for us is to give us place in heaven.

14. The time is at hand when the Lord himself will come and take those that are ready home.

15. Don’t go around reading junks tat will not add value to your eternal life.

16. Curses don’t catch up with those who live in the Spirit of God.

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17. If God is the Prince of Peace in your life, negative things happening to others will not get to you.

18. Many people are out there, they need to be sought out and bring into the Kingdom of God.

19. If you believe sanctification, you must also believe soul-winning.

20. Passion without strategy and strategy without passion will not take us anywhere but when the two are working together, we will accomplish much.

21. Anything Christ promised us, he will never forget.

22. Faith makes you to hold fast the promises of God.

23. The purpose of promised Pentecost is to demonstrate the Power of God in you.

24. If you have something without knowing its purpose, that thin will remain un- utilize.

 25. When the Holy Ghost comes, His promises will be so real that you will know that you are not an orphan.

26. Every emancipated, saved Christian can rejoice with the fact that He, that saved us is eternal, unchanging God.

27. The responsibility and power of salvation rest in Christ.

28. Signs and wonders will follow you since you believe that Emmanuel is with you!

Go and and rejoice because EMMANUEL is with us!

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