Man’s Sickness Eventually Resulted In God’s Glory – JOHN 11:1-16

Chapter 11 is a unique chapter in the book of
Saint John and in the New Testament. It is a detailed account of the sickness,
death and resurrection of Lazarus. Other gospels gave account of Jesus raising
the dead but this one was of a higher order. Jairus’ daughter was at the point
of death and the father came to plead with Jesus to heal her. Though she died
before He got there, Jesus raised her up. In the case of the son of the widow
of Nain, he was already dead and being taken for burial. Jesus met them,
stopped the procession and raised him up.
The case of Lazarus was different. He was
dead four days, already decomposing and stinking. It was like an end has come
but Jesus got there and raised him up. What power and might! 

All that is dead
in us tonight will come to life in Jesus mighty name! Amen!

The question is, why this chapter? Why did
John record this incidence? He was giving the people of Israel the sign that
this was the Christ, the Messiah, showing them that no one has ever done this
type of miracle in all human history. That if the Jews were looking for a sign
as they always were, this was it! John 2:18.

4:48. Jesus told the Jews, except ye see signs and wonders, ye will not

6:30. Over and over they were looking for signs.

20:30-31. With many other signs did Jesus in the presence of His disciples,
which are not written in this book. Those other ones are written in the books
of Matthew, Mark and Luke.
Note: no one ever died in the presence of
Jesus. They all died before He got to there. Now that we are in His presence,
we will not die. John 11:1-15, 43. When He speaks, always, it happens.

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Bethany was very close to Jerusalem. Lazarus
was seriously sick. His sisters, Mary and Martha sent to Jesus. We must always
send to Jesus when we have problems.

In verse 4, Jesus knew that when He gets to
Bethany, a miracle will happen. He that believeth will not make haste.

Who are the friends of Jesus? As many as believe in Him, obey and do His will
are His friends, not only Lazarus. Yes, friends of Christ fall sick, they have
problems too. Why? John 11:4. Whatever comes our way, we must never admit that
the end has come. All our challenges are for the glory of God. 12:1-2, 9. The
sickness, the problem is not the glory of God but the healing and solution.
Lazarus was with Jesus after his resurrection at supper. Many came to see him,
to the glory of God. 

II Kings 20:1-6. Whatever prophecy, dream or
revelation we or anyone has about us, we are the ones to look at the word of
God and not accept them and say “I’m not dying yet” and the glory of
God will come upon us. THE END HAS NOT COME. Hezekiah did not accept the
verdict of death. God turned the verdict round, healed and added 15 years to
his age. What He said He will do, He will do. Despite all our challenges in
life, the glory of God is the final end.

Acts 9:36. In this case, it was Dorcas, a
good sister, mother in the Lord that was sick and died. Peter was called. Peter
did not challenge them, why did you call me when she had already died, he knew
that the end of Dorcas had not come. He sent out all the crying people who
would not help his faith, knelt down and prayed, she was raised from the dead.

Some people erroneously say, Jesus made
Lazarus sick so that there will be a testimony that He healed him. A father
cannot make his son sick, a mother cannot poison her daughter, and a good friend
cannot put another friend into trouble. Christ does not make anyone sick but
Satan, sin and self, that is, if you don’t take good care of yourself. Acts

John 11:6. How is it that Jesus stayed back
till Lazarus died? Isaiah 30:18. Therefore will the Lord wait that He will be
gracious unto us. Delay is not denial. That our miracle is delayed does not
mean it will not come. God is waiting so He can give us the best, we too will
wait so we can get His best.

What could Martha and Mary have done?
Christ’s faithful followers have ready solutions. There were many solutions
which they forgot. 

1. Mary and Martha could have said to Jesus,
“speak the word only and our brother will be healed” just as the
centurion did.

2. They could have agreed together in faith,
after all, Jesus had taught the two sisters so many things. Matthew 18:18.

3. Sometimes ago, this same thing happened in
Bethany, which was not far from them. 
Mark 11:12-14, 20. After cursing the
fruitless fig tree and it happened instantaneously, Jesus assured His disciples
of the authority they already have to command solution to challenges in faith.
The solution was so near. Friends of Jesus have a right to the authority in His
name. John 15:15. 

4. They could have agreed together and used
the name of Jesus. The name of Jesus is as mighty as Jesus Himself. Eccle 4:12.
A threefold cord of the 3 siblings would not have been broken. Lazarus was the
one sick, the other two could have stood and prayed for him. All that we are
learning in the Bible study are to strengthen our faith. Luke 9:49-50. Even one
person who was not as close to Jesus as these three went about, using the name
of Jesus to cast out devils, how much more His close friends!

5. Luke 10:17. They could have used their
authority and right in Christ. 

6. They could have asked and believed. Mark
9:23. They could have held on to the promises of Jesus. If they had believed,
all things were possible.

7. The three could have held a positive
confession of healing and health. Psalm 118:17;
Proverbs 18:21. Death and life are in the power of the tongue. 

8. Exodus 23:25. They should have held on to
the promises of God. Stand on the promises of God, not on the premises of the
problem. Deuteronomy 7:15; Positive confessions are very effective Jere 17:14.

Matthew 8:16-17; Mark 16:17. In Jesus name we cast out devils. It is not the tone
of our voice, not our height, gender or age, it is the name of Jesus.

Acts 5:15. Even the shadow of Peter passing
by, overshadowed sick people and they were healed.

9. Acts 16:25. Mary and Martha could have
done like Paul and Silas, singing of the power of God.

19:11-12. Aprons and handkerchiefs which had touched the body of Paul worked
healing on the sick.

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As it is easy for you to wake someone from
sleeping, so it is for Jesus to wake up the dead. That is why when He got to
the grave of Lazarus, He just commanded, Lazarus, come forth! And Lazarus came
back to life. To everyone who walk in the light, there is nothing to fear. 

Deuteronomy 32:25. 32:25. Underneath us are the everlasting arms of God. Anywhere we
go, we shall be preserved . . . As our our days so shall our strength be.

II Kings 6:16. Fear not, they that be with us
are more than they that be with them.

II Chronicle 32:7. There be more with us than with
him. With us is the arm of the Lord.
Psalm 91:7. The Most High is our refuge and

Psalm 121:3-8. He will not allow our foot to be moved, He will preserve our going and
coming. God has given us work to do, and we shall go about doing it in safety.
There is nothing to fear. 

Acts 18:9 God assured Paul that He was with
him, and he should be strong as He had a lot of work for him to do where he

I John 4:4. We are of God and have overcome
them. Greater is He in us than he in the world. As we go about working:
preaching the gospel, following up the new converts, nothing will hurt us.

Matthew 28:19-20. Jesus Is with us now and till
the end of the world. So we go about confidently, doing our father’s work. 

Mark 16:20. The disciples went forth,
preaching everywhere. And the Lord worked with them, confirming their words,
with signs following. The Lord is with us, He will always be there for us.

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Man's Sickness Eventually Resulted In God's Glory - JOHN 11:1-16

May God keep blessing and upholding our father in the Lord for us. May his
hands be never be weak. May he finish well.
And for us, may we never fall short of God’s
glory. May we keep believing, keep appropriating His promises for us and keep
doing our best for Him as our safety is assured. Amen.

Written By: Kemisola Omoyiola

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