#HOTRService: 30 Quotes Of Pastor Ifeanyi Adefarasin On The Message Titled: “Peace Be Still”

Below are some of the powerful quotes from the message of the Senior pastor and founder of House of The Rock Church, Pastor Ifeanyi Adefarasinon the message titled “Peace Be Still”. She took her texts from Matthew 13: 24-30 & Jeremiah 29:11.

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1. Stop trying to figure everything out. God has got you covered. Peace be still!

2. When Christ walked upon the earth, He was the wisdom and thought of God. God allowed His wisdom, to come and dwell amongst us.

3. Don’t question your significance or measure your stature by those around you. You are important to God!

4. The enemy is particular about you because he knows you’re important to God.

5. God is sovereign, He doesn’t need to work through systems to get things done in your life.’

6. The kingdom of God is likened unto a man who sowed a good seed. A person
who sows indicates he has self-control and can handle delayed
gratification for future gain.

7.  A man who sows is a man of greatness, he is going somewhere. When you sow, it shows you have a self-control.

8. There is a difference between seed and harvest, when you harvest you
can’t consume all at once – Farmers understand this principle.

9. You have to know where to sow your seed. Your seed is everything that you have that can bring increase to your life

10. Seed is anything in your life that can bring you increase! You need to learn how to sow seed in your own field.

11. You must be careful what you say and do because everything you do is a
seed and it will come back one day. What you sow goes into eternity to
wait for you.

12. When you come into your harvest, enjoy it with no apologies.

13. Life is about seasons- nobody knows tomorrow. Whilst you have it, enjoy
it. There are things you sow that you may not reap in your lifetime.
Your children will reap them.

14. Favour ushers you into certain places where you can learn. There’s a process to life.

15. Sometimes God allows you to come in contact with people who have paid
the price for everything you want; so that you can learn what you need
without having to pay for it. It’s favour.

16.It is important you learn to differentiate between your seed and your
harvest. In life you’ve got to know how to keep your watches.

17. When you keep your watch, you are attentive, diligent and vigilant, the moment you miss your watch, you allow the enemy in.

18. It is easier to keep watch than to deal with the problem that arises from not keeping watch.

19. Don’t ever let your circumstances make you lose confidence in yourself.

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20. The Kingdom of God is likened unto a sower of seeds. A seed is what you
use to determine the future. You are a good seed, it doesn’t matter what
you have been told or where you are coming from, you are a good seed.

21. You know you are good seed when you can grow and become fruitful irrespective of the soil in which you are planted.

22. You’ve got to learn to be tenacious regardless of what the enemy pushes against you.
Every time you take some steps forward and certain things are pushing you back, it is resistance training.

23. The fact that something is being imitated to counter you, means that
something is going forward in your life! As your wheat grows, the tares

24. God is not the Author of confusion. He will not bring good and bad at the same time to confuse you.

25. God has not forsaken you. Don’t blame God.

26. How you choose to see something makes the difference. Stop looking for
how to solve the problem or fix it yourself. Peace be still.

27. When you choose to look at your glass as half full, you see everything that’s good in your life.

28. Faith is not confusion; it is when you have belief and you know what God
has already done for you. You are in the King’s domain, rest in His
finished work.

29. The Word that God has put in you is greater than the Word the enemy has against you. Peace be still.

30. If God does not watch the city the watch men watch but watch in vain.

#HOTRService: 30 Quotes Of Pastor Ifeanyi Adefarasin On The Message Titled: "Peace Be Still"

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