EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Pamela Discussed Her Inspiration, Challenges, collaboration with Sammy Hart and ‘Gospel Gang Party’

Pamela Scott is an extraordinary vocalist with Four amazing singles to her name,  ‘Habitation’ ‘Flames of Love’ ‘Teach Me’ and her recently released cover ‘Rise Up’  Pamela Scott hails from Abua–Odual L.G.A of Rivers State, Nigeria.

She spent a little time with BelieveAll.Com to discuss her inspiration, challenges, collaboration with Sammy Hart and ‘Gospel Gang Party’

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Below is the excerpt of the interview between Pamela and Chidera (BelieveAll.Com):

Chidera: Please,
can you remind us your name?
Pamela: My name  is Pamela Scott.
Chidera: I have
carefully listened to one of your singles, that is, ‘Flames Of Love’. What
inspired you to write that song?
Pamela: Have you
read the book of Songs of Solomon, where it said that many waters cannot quench
love? I am like, awesome! you know, think about God’s love, really, nothing can
quench it not even your worst sin can reduce the love He has for us, so I am
like, awesome, I can write song with this to tell people that, hey! Whatever you
are going through, He still loves you. Yeah, that is where the inspiration was
Chidera: In your
career so far, have you faced with any challenge as an artist?
Pamela: (choke)
yeah, of cause! (laugh)…
Chidera: Can you
tell us just one of such challenges?
Pamela: (long laugh) ok, ok, for sure, financial challenge.
(You said one) laugh.
Chidera: I know
you have many of them?
Pamela: Yea
(We laughed together)
 I have listened to ‘Desire’, which you
collaborated with Sammy Hart. How has the collaboration being?
Palema: Yeah, our
collaboration has being great. You know, it is all like hip –hop, I am not a
hip-hop artist so, now I know little about hip-hop and flow. You know, learning
doesn’t end, like my last song; ‘Teach Me’, just keep on learning even though I
am a soul rock artist, our collaboration has really open my understanding in
that part of music and Sammy is a great person, I got to learn so many things
during the production. Our collaboration has been awesome.
Chidera: Do you
see positive future in ‘Gospel Gang Party’?
Pamela: Yes, Yes,
(with excitement) Like gathering where other artists come together and meet themselves,
bloggers, CEOs, everybody come together, like right here you have seen me now
and you are interviewing me so that is one of the good thing Gospel Gang Party
has done. So coming together, that unity is awesome.
Chidera: Your advice
to those who are aspiring to be artist in Rivers State?
Pamela:  Believe in yourself, though at the start,
people may try to discourage you but as long as you know that God told you to
do something like, if it is music you are sure you have the calling for music
just hold on to that ground and despite that storm, trust me, you wouldn’t fall
off. Just keep on pressing on because the future is really bright. There is no
commander without a story.
Chidera: Who are
you looking up as an artist?
Pamela: Oh! So many people, my God. How many will I mention
for you now. Like here in Port Harcourt, I have people like Afy Douglas, Francis,
Mercy Chinow. In Lagos, I am talking of 
Segun Obe even too Jesus Culture, The Hill Song United Crew. I have so
many people I look up to.
Chidera: In the
next two year, where do you see youself?
Pamela: I will say; Yeaaaaaaaa (indicating that she want to
be on top)
Chidera: Thank you for your time.
Pamela: Thank you sir.

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Pamela Discussed Her Inspiration, Challenges, collaboration with Sammy Hart and ‘Gospel Gang Party’

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