The Indestructible Faith Of A New Believer

The Indestructible Faith Of A New Believer

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TEXT: John 9:24-41

A continuing study on the story of the man who was born blind, whom Jesus
took the initiative to heal with clay made from His spittle. The Pharisees
tried to discredit the miracle, and the man’s parents removed themselves from
his defense in fear of being ostracized.

John 9:4-34. All through the NT, we find many religious leaders exposing
themselves as blind fellows leading other blind people. Matthew 15:14.
Scriptures show that they deliberately closed their eyes against the truth,
refusing to see, and so could not be saved. Matthew 13:15. They hardened their
hearts against the Word, John 12:40

Depravity of Carnal, Religious Sinners
John 9:24. 

“the man that was blind…” An old mark of identification. Now no
more blind, a miracle had happened, as he met with Jesus.

John 9:25-27. The healed man identified himself immediately as Jesus’ disciple,
inviting the Pharisees to join him. Don’t be ashamed or afraid to say you
belong to Jesus, or to invite others to Jesus.

The depravity of the Pharisees: they called Jesus a sinner, even when they
couldn’t pin one wrong act to Him. John 8:46,47.

John 9:28 – The Pharisees ‘reviled him’.
1 Corinthians 4:12 -Persecutors revile (mock at, jest, cast aspersions at)
true believers even today.
John 9:29 – Were the Pharisees really Moses’ disciples?
John 5:45-47; 7:19. Acts 7:51-53 – They were not really following Moses,
because Moses affirmed the words of Jesus. They were not only blind, they
hindered others from seeing the light. They sealed their doom and that of their
Rom 8:6-8. Carnal minds refuse to see spiritual things, and are accustomed to
doing evil. Character change is a divine act. Jeremiah 13:23; 9:5. “They
have taught their tongues to speak lies, and weary themselves (labour) to
commit iniquity”.
Eph 4:18,19. Matt 23:33,14-15, 23-28. Unconverted people are in danger of hell.

2.      The Discernment of a Courageous, Ransomed
– John 9:30.

They said to him, “we know that God spake unto Moses…”, but the
newly changed man took the words from them: “We know that God heareth not
sinners…” His argument was both spiritual and logical: even if one did
not know Jesus as coming from God, Jesus had just done an act that only God
could have authored, and God does not hear sinners, so Jesus was accepted of
God. When the Pharisees couldn’t refute his fact, they cast him out of the

Drop outs, timid people, religious people, self deceived people, hardened
people, always want to make the people around them be like them. When they
can’t, they scare them away.

They drove the man out of the synagogue of darkness. They were helping him,
thinking they were hurting him. John 9:35-38.

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They cast him away from sinners, right into the waiting arms of the Savior;
From the synagogue to his Shepherd;

From revilers to the Redeemer; From the unteachable sect to the Eternal
This new believer received:
Insight from the Lord into the truth
Unbreakable backbone
Uncompromising conviction

John 9:30-33. Psalm 66:18. God does not hear sinners.

Isaiah 66:5. Men may cast you out from society, but Jesus will appear to your
1 Corinthians 1:27-29. God uses little, weak things to confound great things.
Notice the man’s courage. Acts 4:13. Boldness brings conviction. Heb 13:5,6.

3.      His Devotion to Christ, the Revealed Savior
John 9:35-38.

The healed man knew Jesus as Jesus, as a true worshipper of God, one whom
God hears. But he didn’t know Jesus as the Son of God. Immediately Jesus told
him, he believed and worshipped Jesus.

Matthew 16:15-17. Knowing Jesus as the Son of God comes by revelation
knowledge. Matt 14:33.
The Father has said to the angels that they should worship the Son. Hebrew
Worship should follow believing – John 3:15-17.

Why studying all this? John 20:31. To realise and receive what the blind man
found. Acts 8:35-39. Believe that Jesus is the Son of God.

John 9:39-41. Jesus came to open the eyes of the blind so they can see and
be saved. But there will be those who think they see who will be made blind.
Allow the Word come straight at/to you. Don’t get irritated when the Word of
God addresses your spiritual deformity. Allow your sin to go, as the Word opens
your eyes.

The blind man began to: See Farther than the Religious; he Got Greater than the Fearful; he Understood
Better than the Self Deceived; he Became Wiser than his Counselors; he Yielded
Deeper than the Multitude
Looked Higher than the old Law
He worshipped Jesus as; Lord, Son of God , Only Savior, Expected Messiah, The
True Light, Liberator.

Written by James Ngozi

This is an excerpt of Pastor W.F. Kumuyi’s Monday Bible Study on Monday 09 October, 2017.


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