#Quotes of Rev Chris Oarhe On The Message – “How to walk by faith”

Christopher Iziebe Oarhe is the Senior Pastor of Hilltop International Christian Centre
(HICC) located in the garden City of Port
Harcourt, in Rivers state of Nigeria.

#Quotes of Rev Chris Oarhe On The Message - "How to walk by faith"

Below are some of his inspirational quotes on the message titled: “How to walk by faith”

1. When the Bible refers to flesh in the New Testament it mostly refers to a way to thought.

2. Faith is not the amen you say when it happens, it’s the amen you say before you feel it.

3. Faith is a decision to operate in the realm that God operates.

4. The arena of seeing is believing is not the arena of faith.

5. Declaring the end from the beginning is how to work by faith.

6.You don’t wait to be successful. You speak to be successful and work it out.

7. Don’t talk or live outside the arena of faith because of want to please men.

8. Every promise you’re standing on in your life is already a concluded matter.

9. If you don’t know what is written, your faith will not work.

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