#HOTRService: Excerpt Of Pastor Paul Adefarasin Message On The Topic: “Anointed On Purpose”

Below are  excerpt of Pastor Paul Adefarasin message on the topic: “Anointed On Purpose”

#HOTRService: Excerpt Of Pastor Paul Adefarasin Message On The Topic: "Anointed On Purpose"

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You are the body of Christ. The body (of Christ) is the container and the Christ (the Spirit of God) is the content.

You have no idea of the limitlessness that you carry on the inside.

You can do more for the kingdom of God. You are the glory of God embodied.

We have been needing to be touched since God first touched man in creation.God created everything else by speaking but made man by forming man’s body like a clay jar then breathing into it.

To see the real you, you must have revelation from the Word of God.

You must believe that there is glory in you! What you see in the mirror is not you but your house.

Your God is the same God at Pentecost who took broken men and women, bonded by persecution and filled them with His Spirit.

Whatever God forms, He fills.

God formed man’s container and man’s content is the breathe of God, which means that we have the same life as God.

You life has taken twist and turns, it’s all part of the forming process.

God is shaping everything that’s happening in Nigeria to form something that will sooner or later be filled.

Forming is not a painless process so when you go through the pain, relax because God is filling you.

Everything God forms, He fills.
He formed the oceans and filled them with fishes.

If the filling of the apostles of old is the same, the function of the Church should be the same.

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You think you are a nobody, you are a nation builder, you are the army of the Lord.

God formed Adam’s body from the dust of the earth but Adam could not function until he was filled.

you sometimes feel that your life is spinning? That’s because you’re
under control. Yield to God & your life will be filled.

Never expect the container to look as qualitative as the content.

When it comes to God placing a value upon you, there’s no charge against you because the blood of Jesus has redeemed you.

If Jesus did anything, you can do greater.

If the filling is the same, the function should also be the same.

You didn’t forge that glorious marriage by yourself, it was God.

Don’t write yourself off as a failure just because you went through a bad season when you really are a success.

Before you can do anything that God puts in you, you have to see it first, that’s why God in Genesis said, let there be light!

God forms first, fills you then causes you to function.

Don’t mistreat people. Don’t despise anybody in the house of the Lord, the cross is a leveling place.

Being fitly joined within the Body of Christ, the Church helps you grow.

It’s not easy to get left behind and if you get left behind you can’t grow.

If the excellency of the power isn’t in the content (God), some will make others worship at the altar of their self importance.

The reason why others went through hell and never got out of it but you did is because God protected you on purpose.

The cause is what releases the anointing.When you find your cause, your anointing will not dry.

The Spirit of the Lord is upon you for a cause! You must know your cause.

Peter was a fisherman and later became a fisher of men.
You have to find out your purpose.

Love God with all your heart, insist that your life will be for His purpose and all things will work for your good.

Give God a praise for what’s about to happen in your life.

Jesus is our striker, the one who scores the goals against the enemy of our souls!

What’s happening with the difficulties in your life is the formation of God.

The pastors alone are not to do the church; we all cannot function optimally if everyone is not playing their role.

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