#HOTRCommunion: Pastor Paul Adefarasin #Quotes on The Message Titled: “What Are You Listening To”

Below are some of the inspirational quotes of pastor Paul Adefarasin, the senior pastor and founder of House on The Rock Church on the message title: “What Are You Listening To” on Sunday 08/10/2017.

#HOTRCommunion: Pastor Paul Adefarasin  #Quotes on The Message Titled: "What Are You Listening To"

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Under the law; the covenant of Moses, the blessings were initiated by the the compliance on the part of the individual.

If you did what God required, you would get what He had in store for you.

Obedience means to listen to the law, to hearken to the law, and to pay attention to the law.

You are a sinner because of Adam’s disobedience. “For as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous.” – Romans 5:19

If one man could make you a sinner, it would take a greater man to make you righteous.

It was one Man’s righteous deed on the cross that made as many as believed in God to be made the righteousness of God.

All sins are willful and volitional!

The knowledge of truth is the truth of the new testament.

The only way that your sins are cleansed is through the cleansing of the blood of Jesus and nothing else.

Christ paid the full price for your redemption.

You don’t need to work for your healing or deliverance, Christ already did the work on your behalf.

As a child of God, you ought to know the gospel of Christ.

As a believer, you have been given all things. But you have not received what you have because you do not believe correctly.

If you start believing wrongly, you’ll start receiving wrongly.

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Your blessing is based on believing correctly. God is pleased by you because He sees Christ in you.

God blesses you because of Christ who has done everything on your behalf.

When you understand who you are in Christ correctly, the enemy cannot cheat you.

In the New Testament, God initiates and man responds; in the Old Testament, man initiates and God responds.

What’s yours is not there for the taking because you performed; it’s because Christ performed.

As a born again, you are the righteousness of God, not by what you did, but by what Christ did.

You receive grace by obedience to the gospel.

Grace is yours because of what Jesus did on the cross of Calvary.

Grace is yours because of what Jesus did on the cross of Calvary. Do not look for the blessing; receive it.

You are not under the law, you are under Grace.

The communion table is not a table of law, it is a table of grace. It is not a table that requires your performance, but points to what Christ has done.

When you partake in the communion believing correctly, you will walk away with your breakthrough.

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