#AYC2017: 20 Powerful #Quotes of Apostle Johnson Suleman At RCCG Annual Youth Convention 2017

Apostle Johnson Suleman, Senior Pastor, Omega Fire Ministry (OFM) was a guest minister at the Redeemed Christian Church Of God’s Annual Youth Convention 2017 where he preached on the message: The fire Needed for Transformation.

#AYC2017: 20 Powerful #Quotes of Apostle Johnson Suleman At RCCG Annual Youth Convention 2017

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1. God’s language is fire. He speaks fire.

2. You are not called to be a refrigerator, You are called to be a refinery.

3. You are not called to be a thermometer, You are called to be a thermostat.

4. Your story is going to change in Jesus Name.

5. A fish swimming in the river is not a marine spirit, is its nature. After now, fire shall your nature.

 6. God is not a quenching water, He is a consuming fire.

7. You cannot carry fire and be ignored.

8. Some of us are trying to give up on God not knowing that the devil is trying to giveup on us.

9.  When the consciousness of Heaven hits you, holiness will become a reality.

10. Fire has a voice.

11. When you don’t have an assignment, there is no consignment.

12. A man without a goals is like a goat.

13. If you are loaded, you are needed.

14. The focus of fire is to burn. Fire does not come to negotiate

15. Anything that needs to be wasted in your life, today it shall be consumed.

16. God’s language is FIRE, He expects you to breathe and talk fire.

17. A goat cannot go to a barbing salon when a lion is the barber.

18. Fire commands attention.

19. You don’t package Satan, you damage him.

20. Fire purifies and nullifies

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