THE EVENT SHOW Present An Event Tagged: MAKING A MARK – #TheEventShow2017

This year, the focus of policy makers on Small and Medium scale
enterprise (SMEs) development and growth will increase all over the

#TheEventShow2017: The Event Show present An Event Tagged: MAKING A MARK

As a productive and proven method of tackling the challenge of
unemployment, different economies look to this sector for economic
development, increased employment and innovation.

The focus will also deepen in the areas of wealth creation, business
growth tips, funding, lifestyle, networking and having fun whilst doing

As a result, the Event Show this year has been designed to enable
participant to access all aspects of business and life in general. 

As an annual show piece for professionals, manufacturers and
suppliers of products and services in the event industry: THE EVENT SHOW
this year which is tagged: MAKING A centered on entrepreneurs, their
consumers and the growth of the SMEs in the event industry.

The theme MAKING A MARK is a coinage inspired by the need to acquire
knowledge in all aspects of one’s business in order to achieve success,
stamp your brand globally and take the business to the next levels
necessary to establish a strong brand.
In addition to its main feature of product exhibition, seminars and
workshops, iconic entrepreneurs who have broken barriers and are
creating opportunities for other aspiring entrepreneurs will be

For over five years, the show has given entrepreneurs opportunities to
gain knowledge and skills to grow their businesses while showcasing
products and services to a ready market. It has also groomed and
inspired more entrepreneurs in different areas of the industry through
its mentor-ship programmes. 

The Exhibition is Open from 10:00am – 8:30pm Daily
Exhibition and other events will run side by side



Gbemisola Ope president Appoemn will be speaking on ‘The Business of Event Management’

CONFIRMED: Tarela Okene of Drippples Cakes. #TheEventShow2017

Tarela Okene of Drippples Cakes will be sharing ideas on how to make Simple Desserts perfectly.

CONFIRMED: Kalanna Ebiye-Koripamo of The Kayge Way . #TheEventShow2017

Kalanna Ebiye-Koripamo of The Kayge Way will be facilitating on ‘Lifestyle Beauty’.

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Tonye Harry, CEO Celebrations Events at the Masterclass on Decoration types.

CONFIRMED: Dr. Emi Membere Otaji, President PHCCIMA.' #TheEventShow2017
Dr. Emi Membere Otaji, President PHCCIMA will be speaking on ‘Effective Networking.’
CONFIRMED: Ndidi Obioha, CEO Enthyst Events #TheEventShow2017
Ndidi Obioha, CEO Enthyst Events

Ndidi Obioha, CEO Enthyst Events will be talking about Wedding Trends at her Masterclass.

CONFIRMED: Mercy Abu, President Entreprenuers Platform Initiative. #TheEventShow2017
Mercy Abu

Mercy Abu, President Entreprenuers Platform Initiative will be speaking on ‘Staying Focused on your dream’

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CONFIRMED: Julie Jacks CEO Treewater Retreats. #TheEventShow2017

Julia Jacks will be speaking on ‘Branding.’
Ensure not to miss out on this.

CONFIRMED: Stephanie Pius-Akpan, E.D Gasotherm Energy. #TheEventShow2017

Stephanie Pius-Akpan, E.D Gasotherm Energy will be sharing insights on Business Financing.

CONFIRMED: Henry Bekwele CEO BK CONCERPTS. #TheEventShow2017

Henry Bekwele will be sharing a lot of great insights about photography at his Masterclass.

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