Six Danger of Not Winning Soul For God

The of every parents is to see their children reproducing after getting married. In a situation that the ‘new’ wife failed to get pregnant after many years of marriage, the whole family become concern and seek for medical solution to the problem

Six Danger of Not Winning Soul For God

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In some culture like Africa, the mother in-law show more concern because she want to carry her grandchildren. This may lead to hatred on the side of the daughter in-law.

In the same way, God desires his children to be productive in His vineyard by constantly wining souls for His Kingdom, failure to wine soul posses some danger. In this post, we are going to look at six implication of neglecting personal evangelism.

implication of neglecting personal evangelism includes:

The loss and
waste of ripened harvest:
There are many
sinners who are looking and waiting for us to preach to them, those are the
ripped harvest and we must go and do as the Lord had commanded us to do. Mark

2.    Requirement of sinners’ blood from negligent soul-winners
(Ezekiel 3:17-21; 33:1-16):

This is the dangerous
aspect of neglecting the command of “Go” and preach the gospel.  If we fail and the sinner died in his sinful
state, his blood will be required in our hand by Christ. That is why we must
always be active in the work of God.

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3.    Christ being ashamed of Christians that neglect to
witness (Mark 8:38):
Christ will be
ashamed of us because we are ashamed to declare His words to the world.
4.    Loss of soul-winners’ reward (Daniel 12:3; Proverbs
There is a reward waiting
for those who declare JESUS to the world and draw man to Christ the savior, but
if we fail to carry out the Divine mandate given to us by Christ (Matthew
28:19; Mark 16:15), then, we will lose the precious reward.
5.     Spiritual
decline and stunted growth of local churches:
The  believer who do not preach the gospel will
see his/her spiritual fervency decline and the church of God not grow.
6.    Delay in answer to prayer: The consequences of
neglecting personal evangelism on the part of the sinners, the soul-winners and
the church are so great. Every believer must therefore, wake up to this great
responsibility. We must rise up to renew our first love for Christ (Revelation

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