#HOTRService: 34 Quotes of Bishop Wayne Malcolm on The Message Titled: “The Next Wave” – [@businessbishop]

Below are powerful quotes of  Bishop Wayne Malcolm the initiator of The International Christ Ambassadors Network (iCAN).
He was a guest preacher at House On The Rock Church Cathedral, Lekki, Lagos where he preached on the message titled: “The Next Wave”.  His text was taken from Habakkuk 2:12-14.

#HOTRService: 34 Quotes of Bishop Wayne Malcolm on The Message Titled: "The Next Wave" - [@businessbishop]

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1. If you have ever experienced a divine intervention, you will notice that it comes in waves.

2.The experience of the knowledge of the glory of the Lord will be in waves.

3. If you don’t know what to expect, then you haven’t heard from God.

4. Revelation raises your aspiration and expectations.

5. The interesting thing about the new wave is that it starts as a revelation.

 6. Never take the wave of revelation for granted because it’s proof that manifestation is imminent.

7.  Whenever a wave of revelation sweeps through your life, then a manifestation is imminent.

 8. Theologians wondered why speaking in tongues left the Church, they kept speaking till there was a manifestation.

9. God creates by speaking. When He is speaking with you, He is creating something inside of you.

10. If you want to know what the kingdom looks like, look at how Christ deals with people.

11. Jesus said we would do greater works than He did. This means that there’s more significant work that we can do.

12. God is repositioning the church from the corner to the center of society.

 13. The Most High rules in the affairs of men and gives positions to who He wants.

14. Often times when men reject you, it is so to protect you from being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

 15. Systemic evil is what is referred to as principalities & powers. An evil system is worse than an evil person.

16. When the Church is at the center of society, you can impact the destiny of nations.

17. Evil systems are the tools used by evil people.

18. There is a system governing the church and if you don’t understand the system, everything will be confusing to you.

19. A cycle of disillusionment is where no matter how you try to change, it remains the same because it is a system.

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20.  When you pray for an evil person to die and they die, you create a vacuum for another evil person because it’s an evil system.

21. Work on your system so that even when you’re not there, the system goes on.

22. It is not your individual strength that will determine your success.

23. An organization is weak or strong based on the system. You can put weak people in a great system and you’ll get great results.

24. Evil people can use the legal system to oppress people. The legislation has to be changed to favour the people of faith.

25. People react to their environment and if the system is oppressive, the people act out.

26. If you liberate the system, you liberate the people and that’s part of the gospel, to set the captives free!

27. God loves the people of the world but hates the system of the world.

28. To wrestle with systems, you need to be in close proximity, in the system.

29. People riot because most people do not understand the legal system.

30. Unless you understand that everything is governed by systems, you will be confused.

31. Understand that when you get to the center stage, God will use you to change the world.

32. When you are ready, it won’t take God long to position you.

33. Darkness is the absence of light. It means that if an institution is dark, it means that light is absent. Be the light!

34. The best ideas will fill your head, you will invent new ways of doing things. When you see a problem, you’ll be the solution.

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