Pastor Abiye Daniel David’s #Quotes On The Message Title: Anointing For Healing And Deliverance

Below are some of the powerful inspirational quotes of Pastor Abiye Daniel David, the senior Pastor of Salvation Ministries, worldwide.

Pastor Abiye Daniel David's  #Quotes On Message Title: Anointing For Healing And Deliverance

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1. The essence of the anointing is to remove burdens and yokes from the Children of God.

2. Jesus is Lord of the healed and healthy. God’s perfect will for His children is divine health.

3. The greatest enemy to abundance is self.

4. God lives in influence and affluence; He does not delight in the poverty of His children.

5. When you do not know the purpose of God’s abundance, you misplace the value money.

6. God builds His church through people but not upon the people.

7. As a christian, live on a mission for God rather than being an imposter.

How to be Healed and Stay Healed:
a. Willingly surrender to the Lordship of Jesus – Matthew 15:26.
b. Know the Word, believe and feast on it daily – Psalm 107:20.
c. Possess a holy anger; react against the oppression – Matt. 11:12.
d. Do not look back – Proverbs 26:11, John 5:14.
e. Avoid fear, curses, spell and enchantment mentality – Heb. 2:15.
f. Seek to grow in the things of God – Ecclesiastes 10:16.
g. Stay kingdom-focused and remain kingdom-minded – Luke 7:4-6.

i . Believe in, and see the vision of church-planting.
ii. Make yourself available.
iii. Give sacrificially to God – 1 Chronicle 29: 2-3.
iv. Join a church-planting team – Luke 5:7.

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