Come and Eat

“Jesus saith unto them, Come and dine…” John 21:12
Come and Eat

Come and eat was a request from Jesus to His disciples was
were with him after his resurrection.
Many of us always get invitations for occasions of different
kind; wedding, naming ceremony, burial, party, etc. in which ever occasion, we
always strive to honour such event.
You know what, nobody will plan to host any event without
inviting guests for such occasion as it will be terrible to that person because
nobody will be there to witness the happenings.
Events are not meant for only the celebrants but also for the
Friends, today Jesus is inviting you for a great occasion,
the occasion is purely prepare for you.
You are not coming to give or donate anything over there
rather you are coming to “dine” with
your Maker.
Never said you were not invited to the feast, this is a great
call for you to come and dine because all thing are now ready for all. If you
be willing to honour this call today, you shall surely eat the fruits of the

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