Pastor David Ibiyeomie’s Powerful #Quotes During #5NightsOfGlory2017 – Day 2

“What you hear determines what you think; your thinking determines how behave; your behavior determines your destination.” Below are some of the powerful quotes from Pastor David Ibiyeomie, the founder and presiding pastor of Salvation Ministries, on the Day 2 of the ongoing 5 Nights of Glory 2017.

Pastor David Ibiyeomie's Powerful #Quotes During #5NightsOfGlory2017 - Day 2

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1.  Darkness represent ignorance and light represent the knowledge of Go.

2. You only gain fight (make progress) when you have light (Knowledge}

3. A man that is “blind” does not see light; you need insight to gain flight in life.

4. It is impossible to succeed in life when you walk in darkness.

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5.  Captivity is traceable to the veil that is cast upon the face of men.

6.  Knowledge is the base line for every mans advancement.

7.  The devil is the prince of darkness, his mission is to block your access to light.

8.   You can have no allocation in the world without first locating the right word.

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9.   Every destiny can be beautified and enhanced by light (God’s Word).

10.  Light-bearers are sweat-less commanders.

11.  Every book informs, but the Word of God is what transforms a man’s life.

12.  You cannot have ultimate worth in life without the Word of God being rooted in your heart.

13.  Jesus is the Light of the world; He came to destroy darkness.

14.  Lasting freedom can only be found in the Truth (Word of God).

15.  You can never have an allocation in the world without first locating the right Word.

16. Those who hunt for the Word end up as high-fliers in lif.

17.  The challenges of life has no timetable because they can come at anytime

18.  Always leave as a man who is prepared to face the challenges of life.

19.  God cannot give to you what you are not desperate to search for.

20.  When light comes your frustration will turn into celebration.

21.   As a child of God always live ready, the challenges of life can come at any time.

22.  Divine insight is the ticket to access your inheritance in life.

23.  You cannot understand God’s Word until you are Born-again. 

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