TB Joshua’s Prophetic Message For 2017 (Video/Texts)

Controversial Prophet, T.B. Joshua, has released a new prophecy about President Buhari’s administration in 2017.

 TB Joshua's Prophetic Message For 2017 (Video/Texts)

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What does the future hold for you in 2017? What will happen around the
world? Is there going to be change? In what way – positive or negative?

T.B. Joshua warns us in this inspiring message that satan uses our
difficult circumstances to draw us into sin but as a Christian, ‘Your
Faith Will Not Fail’.


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Excerpt:“President Buhari will do everything to reject devaluation of the naira – which is a good idea from a good leader.

But there will be overwhelming pressure from above him which he will not be able to resist.

Everyone has a portion to be blamed. Let us share the blame and move the country forward.

president, President Buhari has good intentions. A king’s intention
cannot be carried out properly without the support of his subjects.

needs your support to lead us out of the valley. Nigeria, we are in a
valley. It is not our president that put us in the valley but

Nigerians, support and pray for your leader. The future of this country is crying for help.”

What do you think?

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