24 Powerful #Quotes from Pastor David Oyedepo during #Shiloh2016, #MyCaseIsDifferent – Day 2

The quotes below are that of the founder and presiding Pastor of Faith Tabernacle church worldwide Pastor David Oyedepo on the second day of Shiloh 2016.

Powerful #Quotes from Pastor David Oyedepo during #Shiloh2016, #MyCaseIsDifferent - Day 2

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1. Gods Word is our rescue lifeline. He uses His teachers as bailout agents from crisis of life

2.  We come out of frustration and devastation through instruction. 1 Cor. 10:13.

3.  One reason Christ came was to redeem us from the curse of the law and grant us access to blessings Gal. 3:13

4. A revelation and commitment to the covenant is Gods bailout mystery in hard times.

5.  Men and women operating in the revelation of Gods covenant will experience the exemption agenda of God.

6.   Men and women operating in revelation will experience the reality of their exemption.

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7.  You are empowered for financial dominion based on your covenant practice.

8.  Let your focus be on God. Those who look to the Sun don’t see the shadows. Jesus is the sun of righteousness

9. Covenant practice is our certified bailout in hard times.
10. The law of absolute dependency on God is the secret to the financial prosperity of this commission.
11.  Gods covenant is ever binding, prevailing circumstances notwithstanding. His means it. Heb. 6:12-18.

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12.   Absolute dependency empowers you for dominion in hard times.

13.  When the prophetic word goes forth, everything lines up.
14.  Gods covenant with the redeemed is as potent as the Covenant of day and night is in force

15.   The anchor law of the covenant is giving and the principal channel is tithing.

16. Your experience is not about the circumstances, it is about your covenant positioning.

17.  There are solutions for different conditions. The covenant is Gods solution for this economic holocaust.

18.The giving law is the principal law for prosperity in the kingdom.

19. Until your seed is down, your harvest is not in view.

20.  Any attempt to help God always end up with calamity.

21. Every seed you sow is to enlarge the coast of Gods blessings in your life.

22. Every seed you sow is a spiritual transaction.

23. Your seed can’t be a donation because the earth is the Lords. You aren’t qualified to support His plan.

24.  Every seed enriches your heavenly account. You enrich your account through giving.

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