Christianity Living and Relationships

The post you are about to read now was not originally written by me, rather it was written by a guest poster who informed me through mail that she want her write-up to show up on my blog but right from this moment, the post is now the rightly own by me. I must commend her for taking her time to write this post, infact, i enjoyed reading it.
 Emma Rundle, thank you so much, i appreciate your work and hope  this will not be the last you will write for us here.

Christianity Living and Relationships

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circumstances of the present time are such that indifference to the statement
of Orthodox values in the life of the world around us can put civilization on
the brink of disaster. This is no exaggeration, and it is not fiction
theologians. We sometimes refer to what we call the Orthodox way of life,
whereas no such thing in the Bible, however there are certain concept of the Christian life
meanings we derive from the Holy Scriptures. And the task of theology is
precisely based in using biblical ideas, adjust them in relation to understanding
of modern people problems and apply these ideas on practice to resolve these
The required valuables of the moral formation of
the person
values are necessary for us just like air.  If we lose the concept of sin, replacing it
with the notion of freedom, we will create a completely unviable civilization
that will collapse under the burden of sinful passions.
And because
the liberal and traditional start Orthodox lifestyle and Western secular
standard can only be combined under one condition – while maintaining our
traditional values, our way of life, which provides the ability to resist sin,
since it clearly naming and designation of its dangers for man and society . For
the sake of this, the religious way of life, should be guaranteed the right to
exist in our world.
Relations between church and state
about religion and its place in the modern world, should be not only church’s,
but also state’s matter; state, which is putting the liberal idea of the
foundation of state-public model and development of the country, must oppose it
in the statement of upbringing, education and interpersonal relationships traditional
values, namely – Orthodox lifestyle.
So the
question is, what should be the legislation, education, culture, social
relations or public morality, and whether we can preserve our cultural and
civilizational model in the new century; whether it will take its rightful
place in the world community, and whether we will survive as an Orthodox
people? Claiming the Orthodox way of life, we form viable principles of
Religion and Society
society is doomed and has no chance of survival; despite the development of
economy, social and political institutions, people can live together only on
the basis of the moral law. If morality is leaving the society, then it turns
into a wolf pack in a jar with scorpions, and people begin to destroy each
other along with everything that surrounds them. And any law can help at this
point. If moral principles vanish – laws stop working.  
The Apostle
Paul said: “The Gentiles by nature the lawful do”, and when we say
that our society is ruled by criminals, because we have, you see, poor legal
system, it is permissible to ask: Is it on Mount Athos more developed? And when
we say that we need to invest money in the budget to increase the effectiveness
of our legal and judicial system, we can invest all money of the world into it
but still loose morality and become a pack of wolfs. It is impossible to
achieve a normal life without maintaining moral component!
The fact is
that along with approving principles of the Orthodox way of life, we thus
forming sustainable civilization. Which means a lot. After all, Scripture
clearly testifies that a person can die spiritually, even under the most
favorable material conditions. Suffice it to recall the parable of the rich man
and Lazarus, or the words of the Lord Jesus Christ: “Let the dead bury
their dead” (Luke 9. 60.).
Therefore, we can predict that fall
of morality, spirituality and progress without permissiveness against the
backdrop of globalization can lead to degeneration and perhaps self-destruction
of mankind, for “lamp of the wicked extinguished …” (Prov. 13 9).
Thus, the real break the deadlock of
liberal ideology will return to religious consciousness. Only in the
perspective of eternal life, man can comprehend the true meaning of his sojourn
on earth; reconstruct the nature of his relations with neighbors and so on.
In other
words, the harmony in relationship between a man and God can have huge impact
on the survival of human civilization. The loss of religious consciousness is a
prerequisite for the integrity of the initial degradation of individual damaged
by fall. We can assume that the XXI century can stay religious. Otherwise, it
risks becoming the last century of human history.

                                     Authors’ Bio: 
Emma Rundle
is student, blogger and freelance writer for Emma
believes that through the spreading the Christianity values around the world
people will live in harmony and peace.


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