Solace In God’s Promises

Key Verse: “I cried unto God with my voice, even unto God with my voice; and he gave ear unto me” (Psalm 77:1). 

A rthur Tappan
Pierson, an American Presbyterian pastor, who was a consulting editor
for the original ‘Scofield Reference Bible’ in 1909, said: “God has no
greater controversy with His people today than this, that with boundless
promises to believing prayer, there are so few who actually give
themselves unto intercession.”

 The psalmist presented a pathetic situation, which was like a sore or
wound that bled

throughout the night and would not stop. Based on the condition he found
himself, he could not sleep nor could he think of those things that
could comfort him. 

Rather, he put those things far away from him and
engaged himself in sorrow. 
The remembrance of God could not comfort him.
Instead, it troubled him the more. He tried to compare the days of old
with the current. Yet, he could not fathom any improvement; things
seemed to get worse.
 He made diligent search into the causes of his
trouble, enquiring whether he had offended God and had gotten the
consequences. With a troubled heart, he asked if God would cast him away
forever and would no longer have mercy on him. 
There are believers who might find themselves in such a trying
They may groan under sore troubles and be tempted to think
that God has hidden His face from them or withdrawn His usual favour.
 They should not give way

to such suggestions because the Lord will not cast off His people (Psalm
94:14). God will always have compassion (Lamentation 3:32) because His
mercy endures for ever(Psalm 103:17). 

Thought for the day: The permanence of God’s character 

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